Wednesday, March 04, 2009

March MRI, etc.

An update on the next few weeks:

Tomorrow, Thursday is my MRI along with bloodwork. - Want a clear scan!
Results will be given next Tuesday, March 10 during my oncologist appointment.
March chemo will be Friday, March 13 - 17 pending my bloodwork results.

Cole's 9th birthday is Wednesday, March 11. The school is off half day! I am so looking forward to his special day. He has requested burgers & hot dogs on the grill. Hmm a cold March grilling?
He plans on having a sleepover that Friday. Carter will be at a retreat with his Sunday school class. Little Stu will enjoy the third grade boy sleepover party. Sleeping bags, cake, boys, games, What fun! Dave will stay up late with them as I need my sleep due to chemo.

Chat later-

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Anonymous said...

Hey, girl...Will pray for good stamina for you w/ a house full of rowdy boys...not like that's different than any OTHER's just MORE boys and boys that belong to people besides YOU in ADDITION to yours! Will pray, also, for a clear scan and an uneventful bloodprofile & chemo round. Hugs. L Jo