Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cautiously Elated

Todays oncology visit proved to be one of mixed emotions. Many changes are occuring in the next few months. I am cautiously elated. Cannot explain any further than the following.

The March MRI scan was "Couldn't ask for a better report." After questioning the doctor about the comparison date (not to rain on my parade) of December 08. He agreed it needed to be compared to a later date like March 08 (1 year). He doesn't have any concerns. Ishould hear from him sometime about the new comparison. So in turn that leads me to the chemo update. SHOCKER!

My eyes probably popped out of my head when Dr. Needles questioned the duration of my chemo. One year in January. He said he would like for me to discontinue the chemo after March due to studies that show it is not more beneficial to stay on it longer. Dave asked if
Temodar is a option if there was a possible cancer reoccurrence. The doctor said oh yes, but first a biopsy would need to be performed. (Okay boys - lets not talk about cancer returning here!)

In short:
No more monthly bloodwork, chemo stops after March.
Next MRI & bloodwork is in June along with a doctors appointment.

Earlier this morning I was reminded of the following Bible verse prior to my appointment. God ordains my days. All news is up to Him and Him alone.

This is the day which the LORD has made;
Let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24

Another good verse

I will rejoice and be glad in Your loving kindness, Because You have seen my affliction; You have known the troubles of my soul,

Psalm 31:7


Jen said...

Oh Kate! I am rejoicing with you! God is so good! I hope to see you next week sometime- Lizzie and I are going on a little trip together for 2 days- then hosting a bridal shower and then I have some free time! Love and a hug- Jen (down the street, not in Italia now!)

Anonymous said...

Hey, girl...did you get home safely? I wasn't driving the roads at the same time as you (this time), so I presume so.... Ha! I WAS kind of (...ok...REALLY...) a road hog this AM, but it WAS nice to see you and wave 'hi' on the highway! Prayed for you immensely this AM! Glad for your news & thankful for some new horizons. Lots for you to absorb, I know. Hugs! L Jo (the minivan madwoman)

Anonymous said...

WhooooHoooooooo!!!! Doing the "No more chemo dance" for you. Okay remember I'm white and a snodgrass so mental image implanted in your brain- sorry. I'm sooooo happy for you Kate. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!! Hopefully once everyone is feeling better and March chemo is over you can go out and celebrate! Power of prayer does work and God works in his own time. He knew your plan and you trusted he would get you through all of this. Keep believing. Thanks for the good news, we really needed some of that around here.
I'm just so happy and excited for you Kate and Chuck, oops I mean Dave, and Carter, Cole, Stu, and the rest of your family. Hugs from Columbia City to Balwin!It has been a long haul and I am so proud of all of you.
Love ya all~ Danielle

M said...

Kate-- I am so glad to hear everything went well. I was praying for you. God is good indeed.

M said...

Sorry, Kate. That M above is me, I forget that is my blogger name.

Mel (Cannon)

Anonymous said...

Praise God! What wonderful news! At the summer camp I went to they would do a chant and it was "God is Good" and the response was "all the time". I'm so happy for you and the way God has answered our prayers.
We will continue to pray for you!
Love Ya,

Danielle in MO said...


Anonymous said...

What fabulous news Kate! Cindy Chole stopped me today during biblestudy and asked about you. I told her you were doing well (had I read this beforehand I would have said REALLY well). She said to tell you "hi" and that she prays for you.
We are celebrating over here for you my friend!
Elizabeth Ward

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! That is wonderful news Kate! It is so great to see that you have an end date for chemo in the near future. We continue to keep you & your family in our prayers.

Finally a Family of Four said...

I am so happy to hear about the MRI report, awesome news.
Keep your positive attitude strong and your faith alive.
When is the cul-de-sac NO MO Chemo party????

Anonymous said...

Kate...."Happy Tears" are coming your way from HK!!! Woo-who, girl!!!! Hallelujah!!!

Yipee-Skipee!!! Can't wait til Lily's up and we'll do the "happy dance" together!!

Thanking God for doctors, drugs that help the healing, power of prayer, good nutrition, and for making us in His image!!!

In His Grip,
Sue :)

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo, Kate!!!!! Praising God with you for this wonderful news!

Hugs to you, my friend!