Friday, March 13, 2009

More News

The March 2009 MRI compared to March 2008 showed no change!

Last chemo cycle starts tonight & runs through Tuesday.
Cole's birthday sleepover is tonight as well.



Danielle in MO said...

YEAH!!! What wonderful news!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow...that's a mouthful to say: LAST chemo cycle! Praises! Hope the sleepover goes well & that you don't have too much side effect. Got your note & we'll have to ringy-dingy (i.e.: talk on the phone) when we can coordinate it. Life really shouldn't BE that complicated...Hugs 2 U. Glad to see your post. L Jo

Anonymous said...


This is all great news! I will continue to pray for you, especially this week as you finish the LAST chemo cycle. I hope to see you at the ball park soon!

Kim B.

Amy said...

So thrilled for you! What blessings! And just in time to enjoy spring, Chemo-free!

Anonymous said...

GREAT news, Kate! We are thanking the Lord with you!

Anonymous said...

Who needs sleep when your last chemo. cycle is now!?!? Yipee!!

Love & Prayers,
Sue :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Congratulations! That is awesome news. Hope the sleepover was fun!