Thursday, March 05, 2009

Tis the season

It is flu season at our home. After a visit to the pediatrician today, Stuart was confirmed having the official flu. No strep thankfully. Fever is being controlled by tylenol & advil. He was up every four hours last night with his fever. We both need a nap.

I also went to a Walgreeens take care clinic this morning after my MRI to get tested for strep. Negative! I am so thankful.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Kate! Sorry to hear it's Stu's turn for the flu... but thankful it's not flu + strep! We're praying for your MRI results, too.

Hope to hear SOON that you are all well.

Hugs to you,

Jen said...

Praying for Stu and for YOU! For good MRI results and no more bugs.....Love and hugs from Italia- and hope to see you when I am in next week! Ciao, bella!

Anonymous said...

Flu hit over here, too w/ Elijah. He had ME up most of the night, too. Prayed for you w/ your MRI... Sent Isaac over for some non-germ-ed time with the hopefully he's now just brewing it and spreading it over there. They might disown me...but then again perhaps not. It's a FAMILY thing to share, isn't it? L Jo

Anonymous said...

How's your little guy doing??? Praying for you all...sleep & health!

Love, Sue :)