Tuesday, December 02, 2008

This N That

YO boys in front of the tree. Hmm who is holding it up?

I have a packed day (as usual) but wanted to give an update on the past few days. We enjoyed Thanksgiving with family on Thursday. On Saturday we cut down our Christmas tree. That was a great idea for snow appeared on Sunday yesterday too. We usually put the lights on first then the following day ornaments arise. The house has been a bustle trying to decorate for Jesus' birthday. Lots of bins in the rooms along with lights.

proud Carter happy to cut it down this year

I have a oncologist appointment, Tuesday, December 9 in the morning. I will have my blood drawn prior to the appointment. I am wondering what my WBC count will be. Please be in prayer that it has gone above a 4.0. Also I have a praise. I had a cold this past week that has gone away without any hitches. I thought for sure that it would be a doozie of a cold due to my November WBC count of 3.2.

That is all...



Anonymous said...

So good to chat with you this morning. Glad ya'll are enjoying the snowy STL countdown to Christmas. We miss seeing your merry faces!

It's 55 degrees and sunny here--and, believe it or not, it should be 75 tomorrow! Guess we better start decorating our PALM tree!

Praying for good health & uneventful medical visits! Love you! Ramona & gang

Anonymous said...

Hope your appt went well yesterday...praying, too, that the WBC is starting to rebound. Glad your cold didn't whallop you too much. Lights are up at our house as WELL as one of those blow-up Tigger-at-Christmas things in the front yard (yawn!...I was NOT along on the shopping trip that brought THAT home...). Ah, well. Such is life w/ multiple opinions on decor and kids in the house. L Jo

Anonymous said...

Kate, prayer in my heart intensifies as you await your appointment, on Tuesday if I am correct. Isn't God just so present with us as we deal with our struggles on a day-to-day basis? For many of us it is health, for many it is emotional hurt and loneliness, and for many it is the uncertainty of our jobs these days. From the manger so long ago our Help is here. Joy to the World The Lord Has Come ! amen.

Anonymous said...

Kate...just checked your blog again and saw the added pictures...so even though I'd ALREADY commented on the "This N That" post, I had to write (yet) again to say: how CUTE are they! And I love the "peace out" symbol! Kind of goes w/ the "yo yo" on your answering maching that they yell...yeah...kids...boys...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Why is that "they" all hanging out by itself on that line? Guess b/c (once again) I used improper punctuation and it wigged out the computer. Ah, well. Hugs. L Jo

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate! Just wanted to tell you I'm praying for you today. LOVED the Christmas tree cutting pictures of the boys.

Hugs to you!