Tuesday, December 09, 2008

More news today

The bloodwork from today came back normal. Rheumatoid & SED. I am thankful. No concerns with my body fighting what it shouldn't. After my nap I was at peace knowing that I was supposed to have a MRI near January. It is just going to be sooner like a few weeks sooner. I thank you for praying for my fears. I am where I should be - In the arms of Jesus with the unknowns. Like I told my mom I just need to get used to the "normals of cancer life." You'd think I would have it down by now. Ummm... it's been two years with brain cancer. I guess I am a student in training. Please take the time to read the comment from Amy about the LPM blog. It was a good one. May it encourage your heart what Beth Moore wrote.
My MRI is scheduled for Tuesday, December 16. I most likely will take my five day December chemo cycle on the 19th. That will be up to the report and Dr. Needles.

thank you for being my friend,


Kathleen Freese said...

Sweet Kate, I continue to pray for you to be healed completely. I continue to pray that you will grow old with Dave and for you to be able to hold your grandchildren someday. I still can't say that I understand what you're going through but I'm thankful for a Heavenly Father who does. I totally miss seeing you around on Tuesday mornings! I'm always here if you need anything.
Love You,

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I'm so thankful you received the report "sooner" than "later"....and it was clean!!!

I read Amy's post earlier today and went straight to find Beth Moore's blog. OK, I love her and didn't even know this existed...I've bookmarked it now. :) WOW...after reading it. Thanks, Amy, for sharing that!

Praying for sweet dreams, Kate!
Love, Sue & family :)
PS...I'll call/email you to double check on chemo. dates and meals.

Anonymous said...

Kate- Praying for you today- I am thankful for your Doctor's, their wisdom and for your heart. It must be so very hard- and I appreciate your honesty and vunerability on this blog. May Jesus encourage your heart today, bringing you His peace and hope for each new day- Trusting in Him for you- Love in Christ- Jen (Italia)Psalm 142

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news God has given us through your blog as I read the one with the results just now ! We are all renewed with His goodness this morning. Kate, I hope you are light in spirit today and that you and your family enjoy some special joy together.

Anonymous said...

Prayed like crazy all over you yesterday and this AM, Kate...glad you have had such support from friends and fam..shoulders are GREAT to lean on! And some burdens ARE hard to bear! CancerLand (termed by AE) Class is certainly IN for you, huh? Praying you will be a faithful and studious pupil of the life lessons you're learning. Just wish they weren't so icky and stress-inducing! Glad you had some good news and a date is set for us to start (and continue) to pray over. L Jo