Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Internet time has been decreased significantly. Our computer somehow received a virus a few days ago. Nasty pop ups were occuring. Thanks to Dave for fixing this issue.

I am taking most of my time trying to work / concentrate on our home. I am slow in doing things and find that I forget many items. Just today, I went downstairs realizing that I had just been cooking food on the stovetop and left it there without supervison. Duh! Can we say multi tasking is an issue? No wonder Dave has been trying to pick up the slack in the home. Laundry, dishes and the sorts are slow in coming. On top of his full time job he has me as his second full time job. My mom has been coming on a set day during the week to help with the above items. Thanks Mom! (although she doesn't get on the computer as much as she used to)


Jen said...

Praise God for moms! They are so helpful in times of need! i miss you Kate- will be packing tomorrow in anticipation of home....Looking forward to seeing my lovely daughter, her hubby and of course Hunny- I will call you over the weekend- Praying for your patience and clear thinking - God is good. Love, Jen (Italia)

Anonymous said...

Be encouraged that others are praying for you, I'm sorry that things are difficult. :(

lots of LOVE,

Anonymous said...

Kate, dear, try not to dwell on what you can't always do as fast as you'd like, or work as efficiently as you would prefer. Just try to constantly remember how far you have come. Let others do for you as they offer, and feel free to give them the joy of serving you and your family. It is not always easy for us women to rely on others. We are so good at multitasking that during our hardships we still expect ourselves to "do it all." It is a good thing when we give others the privilege of serving, and the joy they receive when doing so. Reach out and ask. We want to do all we can to help you amd are waiting for the joy. Prayers for all of you are into God's ears. Our moms are among God's greatest gifts to us. So are you to your boys.

Anonymous said...

Soccer mom, you R-O-C-K!!!!! You are such a dear to help out Kate AND Dave w/ the homefront. I know it's really just an excuse to come over and dote on your grandkids, so don't TRY to get THAT one past us... Just kiddin'... Thought of you today, Kate, and smiled despite the dreary, cloudy, rainy day. Hugs to all! L Joback

Anonymous said...

Um...yeah...it was (yet another) dreary, cloudy, rainy day. We drove near your 'hood on the way back from my sister's and waved. Did you see us? (pause) Yeah...didn't think so... But we DID! All 3 of us: me and the 2 juniors. Thought of you (as usual) today. Went over the comments in this section of the blog and was pondering on the woman who said "look how far you've come..." Most people who are missing a significant portion of their right frontal lobe AREN'T doing as well as you are! You're quite REMARKABLE, I would say! Every time we drive by the rehab hospital on the highway, Jr. Sr. points and shouts, calling it "the people who helped Miss Kate." He points to it on the way "to" AND "fro" wherever we're going. It's kind of a landmark...as are YOU in the lives of so many. May sound cheesy, but it's true! Your story has affected so many lives! A hug (with ARMS...not just one of those "lean-in" ones that the kids are famous for) from our household to YOU! L Joback (yeah...again...I know...I'll try to control myself)