Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bad to worse

This was written Tuesday night and I deleted it early Wednesday morning thinking it was not of blog material. I have changed my mind. My symptoms have gone from bad to worse.

"Well, it is right on time. School has started and so have the colds in our home. It seems mine is quite a severe one. I am up after midnight after going to bed at 8:30 and not sleeping well. The nostrils are getting a work for their money. I despise colds more than anything. Of course, who likes to be sick? I am hoping that this illness departs quickly before I start my chemo later next week. I am discouraged.

Oh well,

Last week I was wondering why my tongue had sores on each side. Now I know. My immune system is slammed most likely due to last months chemo. To top it off this morning I awoke with a good cold sore on my lip. Great for the dental appointment today. Lovely. Cancer has taken a toll on my body both physically and emotionally. I can still say that God is my portion forever. I don't like this but God is in control. After a good cry this morning I am alright.



Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

I had a feeling something was up when Stuart left with a different family. I will pray for your encouragement as well as healing. I sympathize...a good old-fashioned sore throat and cold is the worst!! Even without cancer, I'd be discouraged!

God bless,

Anonymous said...


thank you for your concern. Thankfully it was carpool day.

Anonymous said...

Kate: here's a word of encouragement from Isaac: "Kate, I really love you and I hope that you are really good and that you are really fine. And really good. And I really love you! Thanks! I need to go work on my handy dandy journal, and now I want to have some privacy! Thank you! Bye!"
A word of encouragement from ME: glad I tuned in and checked your post so I would P-R-A-Y! You are uplifted...
Just know about how there is that verse that talks about of a body part "offendeth thee" that you should cut it off? If you cut off your lip (b/c of the cold sore), you might talk funny. If you cut off your tongue (b/c of the sores on the side), you might not be able to talk at ALL! Ergo, don't cut off anything for the moment...I think the reference is a figurative one. Don't smile or laugh either...cold sores are pretty pesky about splitting and leaking and stuff if you widen your lip margin in a smile...or somethin'... Ah, girl...big hugs your way today! Laura and Isaac for the Jobacks (Jr. Jr. still napping, so no words of encouragement from him other than "zzzzzz.")

Danielle in MO said...

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well.. I will keep you in my prayers.... I agree colds stink!

Anonymous said...

I will pray for your strength in dealing with each concern, beginning with the smallest - that is, what is your most minute immediate aggravation at a given time. Then, as you see it in perspective to all the progessive concerns up the ladder to the most oppressive concerns at the top of the latter, I trust that as you move up the ladder in tackling the next concern up the rungs, the lower ones will not seem so overwhelming to you. I am not able to see them from your position, Kate, but I realize that the lesser ones are huge to you at the time. I pray that God, today, will go step by step with you, and give you victory in tackling each one. I hope that your cold issues are less now, and that you are "moving quickly up the ladder." :)

Sheryl said...

Nothing like a good cry!! Okay, but even in the face of what you're going through you still seem to have a sarcastic sense of humor. Love the comment about the cold sore being great for the dental appointment.
Praying for you,