Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Praise God from whom all blessings flow...

Last night was my last chemo pills and so far so good on the side effects. Fatigue is the chief complaint at this time. I will take being tired over the other items recently experienced during the chemo cycles.

Yesterday my mom joined me in seeing the oncologist. Dave has been ultimately busy at work and could not attend. Tuesdays are really the prime busy day for him. The doctor & I discussed why I should not come while on the chemo cycle for that defeats the purpose of the bloodwork. Duh. I was wondering why I am seeing him later lately. It is just the way the calendar had scheduled it. I will be having a MRI in early October then see Dr. Needles on the 10th with a follow up. Blood work is always a given. My lab numbers looked good yesterday. My upcoming October chemo cycle is the 17th - 21st.

Off to study Romans at CBS this morning. Whoa is it good!

Have a great Wednesday,


Danielle in MO said...

So glad to hear that the fatigue is the winner this time... and not some of the other no so fun side effects you have had.... will keep you in my prayers and looking for ward to WONDERFUL news from your next MRI~!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you had company on your appointment KNOW I'm a Soccer Gram fan! (Hi, Soccer Gram!) Thinking of you today & wanted you to know that the night after you and I talked about your having had an anniversary-of-being-asked-to-marry-him day...guess it would have been easier and use less dashes if I'd called it an "anniversary of your engagement," but oh well. So, anyway, I quizzed Mike to ask him if he remembered the date HE asked me to marry him! He DID! I was so proud...shocked...happy. Sigh. Thought it would make you laugh. L Jo

Anonymous said...

Kate- Praising God for His faithfulness to you and your family- for how He provides, sustains and strengthens. He is a mighty God-
I am missing the joy of being able to walk down the street to visit with you...Italia is a bit far now- the jet lag has hit hard - Bill and I both slept through the alarm- I am missing my first CBSI (at least I am not teaching this morning!) A bit embarassing, but the ladies here understand...Praying for you dear friend- for the upcoming MRI as well- Love in Him, Jen (Italia)

Liza's Eyeview said...

Kate, just want you to know that I am still praying for you. you;re in my blogroll and I occasionally visit and check on you and pray.


G E N E V I E V E said...

Kate, your blog is really helping me as I face my own cancer journey. Your faith, optimism, and ability to mix 'real life' as a mom with the details of cancer treatment really amaze me. I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of thyroid cancer in June 2008 just after my 4th baby was born. I am currently weaning him so that I can start radiation treatments in November.

Thanks for your encouragement through the online format!