Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sleep In Saturday

It seems to be a Sleep in Saturday at our home. Carter is the only one awake with me at 6:55 am. It is nice to have an overcast Saturday morning. The boys went to bed late due to Family nite movie nite. Cole stayed home from school yesterday with a fever. 3pm Thursday at school he was complaining of an intense headache. He cried (I knew it was bad... he doesn't cry in front of his friends) ok the staff walked him personally to me in the carpool line. He laid down in back of the van till home and a temperature was taken 101.4 two hours later 102.4. We will most likely relax at home with him today. He will not be able to go to his soccer game since the fever was still with him as he went to bed last night. We desired for him to have a good 24 hour fever free day but that wasn't the case. Thankfully Tylenol / Advil helps with the fever and pain. He did not wake me up during the night (unlike Thursday night) so I am hoping he is feeling better this morning.

I am feeling much better since my last post thank you. It is a good reminder to be able to take care of someone else I love who's sick.

Chemo starts next Friday, the 19th and runs till Tuesday the 23rd.

Have a good Saturday...

Stuarts awake gotta go.


Finally a Family of Four said...

A bug must be going around because Grant walked off the bus yesterday complaining of not feeling well. He was even crying. We are taking it easy this weekend also.
Take Care

OKGardners said...

I'm so sorry that your household has Illness in it. Here's hoping that everyone gets well and stays well.

God Bless You,
Betty G.

Kim & Dave said...

Kate-just wanted to let you know-i am still praying for you, too!

Anonymous said...

Praying for your whole household, Kate...gotta keep mom in gear to give everybody ELSE the git-up-and-go's, sometimes, huh? Hopefully all little 'un's are feeling better, too. Hugs. Joback out.