Saturday, September 06, 2008

Soccer Season has begun

Well, yes the soccer season has begun in our household. Cole had his first game this morning. His team lost unfortunately. If you remember correctly, last season the league put his team on the wrong level like the "A". Of course I thought Cole to be an "A" player. They as a whole were placed appropriately hopefully this fall. We will see. Todays game looked good in the first quarter. (I don't know if they have quarters - I am totally not soccer savy.) Carter will not be playing soccer due to his interest in basketball. He is currently on a select league and has been practicing twice a week since early August. I think his first game will be late fall. Dave knows this information. Carter loves it.

The boys have now finished 8 days of school. They went four days had Labor Day break then four more days. Stuart on the other hand had four days due to going only Tuesday & Thursdays. He is loving his teacher and comes home exhausted but content. At dinner you can find a good song that is his welcome and goodbye song for the day. I went early to pick him up last Thursday and had a few giggles from seeing how the three year olds handle school. We never had Carter and Cole in school at this age. It is fun to experience his joy.

Hope all is well with you.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you! We were at soccer practice Saturday, too...well, actually PawPaw and Daddy were b/c Mommy had disease and pestilence to stamp out of the pet population at work... So I enjoyed the video (w/ Mike shouting encouragements and suggestions on the mike) and the stories from Isaac and fam. He was so excited about his "uniform" (a t-shirt) that he almost didn't let me HAVE it to put in the laundry...which it DESPERATELY needed. I'll BET it was a busy coupl'a weeks w/ school starting, sports getting underway, and regular home stuff. You're on our minds, Kate! Hugs! The Jobacks