Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend News!

Stuart & his giraffeCarter with some serious air time.

Happy Stu after slide
Cole ready for the velcro wall.
Our weekend in review:

Friday- Stuart and I enjoyed leisure time at the zoo. He has been neglected with good mommy time lately and I was aware of it. It seems that Carter and Cole got the best of me and Stuart only gets me. At least he gets me though. I wanted to treat him to the zoo for the older boys were given lots of excursions when they were young like him. I haven't done that much for him lately. Go figure! You should have seen his expression when I stated Thursday evening that he was going to the zoo. He was elated. "I want to see the giraffes." "Okay!" Once at the zoo he wanted to ride the train then was changing his mind so often that he didn't know what to do with himself. We took a long walk... long... Did I mention it was long? We enjoyed seeing the ducks at the pond of all things then we went to see the snakes & monkeys ughh. Not my fav. Stuart neither. After walking some more here are the giraffes. They were beautiful and very close up. It was nice to be able to sit on benches and eat snacks often. We were in no rush to be anywhere.

Started chemo this night through Tuesday eve.

Saturday- Cole had a 10 am soccer game in which he assisted a team mate in the scoring of the goal. He was happy even though they didn't win for he had a great smile on his face once home. I did not go to the game for Dave thought it might have been too much for me. I napped thirty minutes in the morning. We had his company picnic to attend from 11 - 3. Loads of fun for the kids. Lots of food, a bounce house and slide not to mention a velcro wall. Ohh was that fun! We are so blessed to have a good company to work for. They have been good to Dave.
**Please pray for my friend, Angie and her husband Colin. She has recently been entubated in a Texas hospital. She has complications from cancer that originated in the breasts. The cancer has spread to her lymph nodes, lungs, liver, bones and most recently the brain. She also has congestive heart failure. This is her second time being entubated in a years time. My heart is heavy for the family. They have been called in (second time as well in a year). So far that is all I know.

Sunday- Good to be at church. Great notes from the sermon. I would love to find the time to write them out. After lunch the older boys went with Aunt Jeanie on a hike to a cave in Franklin county. They have been planning this for some time since last years excursion. It was WAY fun last time. They were giddy going to bed and waking this morning. Aunt Jeanie is a delight to our hearts.

Today marks the 13 year anniversary when Dave asked me to be his wife!


Anonymous said...

Kate...great pictures and even GREATER to talk to you last PM... happy anniversary of engagement, too! Good memory!!! I thought, too, this week (for some reason) about that "top 100" list that Dave had -- for those of you who don't know, he started keeping a list of the things he liked / loved @ Kate...and he recited them to her, one by one, from 100 down to 1, when he asked her to be his bride... Romantic, huh? Yeah. Sigh. Good times! Good memories! Such a blessing to have seen your family grow from the two of you to a boisterous bunch of boys to bless your socks off and run you ragged. Hugs. L Jo

Danielle in MO said...

cute pics of the kids - sounds like a great day a the zoo.....sad that we don't take enough time for those moments like we should..... or at least I don't... wow - I had no idea about the proposal of Dave - thats special.....

Ramona Lisa said...

Good to see the boys in action. We're going to miss them (and you & Dave) terribly. Oh, I might cry.

Love you all!!!