Saturday, December 19, 2009

Joseph M Bennett

I had a hard time thinking on how to write this to my friends on the blog. This has taken me days to ponder.

On Tuesday, December 15
my friend Joe Bennett passed away. Many posts in the past were written about Joe. Please see previous archive posts. More specifically...

2006 - December 29 - first meeting him* *
2007 - January 11 - how he coined me- peacoat Kate
August 9 - blessing him with birthday cards idea
August 16 - birthday card update
August 26 - update on his
1st lung cancer

Meeting Joe in the radiation waiting area of Siteman in December 2006
was a unexpected friendship journey. We would chat often & looked forward to radiation treatments (for what you could look forward to) from that point on. Our conversations were of interesting family stories. After finishing radiation in February 2007, we kept in contact through phone conversations and sometimes lunches (when he had St Louis doctor checkups). In August 2007, he ended up with lung cancer after his 2006 ear drum cancer and was given radiation to the lungs. This fall his lung cancer returned a second time full force. His lymph nodes were affected & enlarged, almost closing off his esophagus. He decided along with his family to not do any more treatment due to his age and already had gone through enough treatment. Joe was given 2 months to live without any treatment. The past few weeks he was at a local nursing home (his kids felt it best to have him closer to them in St. Louis). We had a good time talking in person the Monday before Thanksgiving. Joe was in good spirits.

This morning was his visitation and funeral it was good to visit with his children. His burial at Jefferson Barracks with full military honors is Monday at 1pm. The boys and I will most likely attend.

My heart is sad for I lost a friend this week. I do not regret getting to know Joesph M. Bennett. My life is fuller for it. He was a courageous kindhearted man.

I will miss you Joe.
Your friend,
Peacoat Kate


Anonymous said...

Good job on the story of Uncle Joe.

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

I am sorry for your loss and his family as well.

Anonymous said...

Tenderhearted Kate ... praying for you tonight. Such celebration w/ the reports of you looking GREAT (which was no news to ME ... but WONDERFUL to hear from an attending oncologist) AND such sorrow admidst the season for you regarding Joe and his family's loss. You were a BRIGHT spot in life to him. But I think you know that. You made it in his "book" ... that his family knew he would want you to be notified when he took a turn for the worse. That is an honor, Kate. You touched him, warmed him not only w/ your laughter and friendship -- but w/ an actual coat, an act of generosity that forged a friendship that carried him even unto death. It was good to hear that he was in good spirits when you visited him. Probably, partly, b/c YOU were there ... and you spread cheer and light wherever you go. Perhaps you don't know that about yourself, my dear: so I'll TELL you! :) PLUS, AND, & in ADDITION: the Snodgrass clan pictures are FAB-U! I LOVE Stuart's red hat, Carter's long legs (he looks tall even when sitting), and Cole's grin. The all-family picture is SUCH a keeper. Quite a photographic bunch you are! Good GRANNY! Hugs 2 U, my friend, hugs 2 U. Must get the boys out of the tub. They may be all shriveled up like raisins ... but they usually don't mind. L Jo