Monday, April 06, 2009


I have been thinking about if & how I will continue with the blog.

I want it to be intentional so all know that there is life with brain cancer. A new life. Since having the cancer diagnosis our family has gone through continual adjustments.

I will do my best as family time allows to blog post. Thank you for your patience.

A friend recently asked how she could continue to pray...
1. Energy for me - I am attempting to not nap as much. Also I am
walking 3x during the week. Dave thinks it is two miles. We will see. All I know it has been a long winter. Need good weather.
2. Time Management in the house
3. Great family togetherness

CANCER INFORMATION: June will be my next MRI & bloodwork before the June 9 oncology appointment.



Anonymous said...

Hey, you! Glad to pray for you...not like I don't already... You are part of my world...and one of those parts that, actually, makes my world much BRIGHTER! Hugs today! L Jo

Anonymous said...

Kate, Glad to hear your walking. I don't know when you do it, but let me know if you want company. I use to figure out different routes and mileage. Also, the outer loop of our subdivision is 1 mile, so if you walk it twice, you've gone 2 miles and 2 HUGE hills :)