Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall 2009 Favorites

He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.
Colossians 1:17

Thus far these are the pictures I love this fall. Cole playing soccer should be in these pics but he has had so many rain outs that we are playing into mid November. Ugh, cold games. I did bring my camera one game but lightning & loads of rain came so quickly it was canceled for good reason.

Cole's creation on a day off from school.
Dinosaurs helping army men defeat playmobil men.
Stuart ready to play soccer.
Carter participated in a punt / pass competition at a local school
and won 1st place overall 5th grade boys.Dave & I went to California in October. Beautiful scenery.
Hope you are well this fall. See you soon and Happy Thanksgiving in November. Lots to be thankful for this fall.



Anonymous said...

Hi my friend!!!! Love the pics!!

Praying for you...glad you're having family fun...and time for you and your honey!

Sue :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate! I love the pictures! Fall is such a beautiful time of year! Continue to lift you and your family up to the Lord, and looking forward to seeing you either over Thanksgiving, or Christmas- Love and hugs from Italia- Jen

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

Love the picture of you by the Golden Gate Bridge! My first trip there was at age 5, and it was my favorite city to visit as a child. (My dad's sister lived there.) Dennis, Elizabeth & I went 6 years ago.

Nancy V.

Anonymous said...

OK: a) LOVE LOVE the picture of Stuart in his uniform -- how cute is THAT? b) YOU look so stylin' in the CA pictures, it's kind of hard to pay attention to the scenery that you've pointed out! You look MAH-veh-lous!! c) DID you TAKE that picture of a leaf and berries b/c it looks like one a PRO did! Actually, most moms w/ a bunch-a kids ARE kind of pro's at picture-taking, huh? Hugs 2 U my friend! L Jo

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate! Just checking in to see what's up with you. Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us. So glad you are having a great fall.

Hope to see you soon, for a girls' night at El Nopal or at one of our houses. Lots to catch up on!

Hugs to you, my friend!