Wednesday, November 18, 2009

December is approaching...

Happy fall to you and your loved ones. The boys have had fun playing their respective sports. We will be finished officially this weekend with soccer. Lovely rainouts made for busy weekends. Basketball is on the rise with both older boys.

Stuart has been counting the days since October when his 5th birthday will come. We are happy to report... ONLY 2 MORE DAYS - That's right, Friday is the day! Woo Hoo. I am so thankful to be here celebrating his birthday. He is a joy.

I just scheduled my December MRI for Wednesday, the 9th at 9:45. It has been 3 months since my last scan. If this one proves clear the oncologist stated we will go 4 months. Please pray for a clear scan.

In October I experienced severe head & eyeball pain similar to a migraine. I'm not sure what was the cause. Just thankful it didn't reoccur. If so, the doctor would have most definitely been informed.
ER could have been an option. Thank goodness for OTC pain meds.

is just around the corner - Thanksgiving.
Chat later,
In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.
Proverbs 16:9


Anonymous said...

Oh Kate, so good to hear from you. Like many of your sister's in christ, I celebrated your life many times thinking about you this November(as I remeber 3 years ago when you were dx) and so glad you are doing well. You are loved and I love hearing how the boys are doing. With a mommy of a girl, it's so fun to hear about soccer adn sports because our "soccer" games look a little different!:) Love,

Anonymous said...

Um...yeah I'll pray for a clear scan so you can go 4 months between them instead of 3...but I would pray for a clear scan regardless of the interim in question! You are SO-ho-ho-ho FABulous and SO-ho-ho-ho the center of three boys' worlds (namely Carter, Cole, and Stuart) ... love hearing from you guys about your going's on, thankful regular days and special days (b-days), and such. Hugs from our corner to yours! L Jo