Wednesday, April 28, 2010

God's Providence

"Believing ahead of time what can only be seen by looking back."
Philip Yancey definition of faith



Anonymous said...

You said it, babe...Looking back on your story shows a GREAT view of faith. I also think of the verse that talks about "things hoped for" and also "things not seen." YOU have lived to SEE things a lot of cancer patients hope for, which is kind of cool, huh? Glad I checked in on your blog today! Hugs 2 U! L Jo

Anonymous said...

Saturday, July 3...I know I just talked to you just a few moments ago, but wanted you to know I was praying for you this afternoon... Praying for good rest, blessed family time, continued health & healed status brain-wise, and a happy 4th weekend. Every time I pass through my laundry room, I think of you b/c of that picture hanging there that you gave me on my wedding day...AND every time I drive in / out of the driveway, I think of you b/c of the beautiful and CLASSY "J" flag you bestowed upon us for a housewarming. I think of you OTHER times, too, you know...not just in regards to things you have GIVEN me object-wise...b/c you have given me immeasurable things: friendship, hope, a picture of faith in action, good mothering advice over the years, and prayer. Everybody needs a little ... or a LOT ... of that sometimes, huh? Hugs. L Jo

Health And Safety Trainers said...

So informative post. My thoughts and prayers are with your whole family, and with all of your friends and admirers. You were an inspiration to me. My faith, honesty and courage will always be remembered and treasured!