Friday, August 20, 2010

August MRI report finding

All's good. WHAT AM I SAYING... All is GREAT! Clear is the word. Next MRI & see the oncologist in 6 months - February 2011.

Thanks for praying,


Anonymous said...

Praising the One who is Worthy to be praised! What great news! A reason to celebrate this life we have been given- Love in Him, Jen

Anonymous said...


Erika :-)

Anonymous said...


I am SO happy for you and thank God with you.

Thank you for letting us share your good news.


nancy said...

CLEAR is now my new favorite word!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!! I cried when I read your post to Mark.
I will come over and dance in your street with you.
Love and a big hug,

Anonymous said...

Kate...I was w/ Stacey P. when I heard the news...she heard it & passed it on b4 I'd had a chance to read it myself! EVERYONE is bursting with the news b/c praises and glory BE!!! I cannot be more thrilled for you. Did you, like, jump up and HUG your attending doctor? They're probably not used to displays like that...but, even if you DIDN'T do that in real LIFE, you probably did in your head! Joy joy joy joy! Happy thrill thrill! Yip AND skip! Beaming from ear to ear NOW, though my first reaction yesterday when I heard was: chills that made goosebumps on my arms & a THANKFUL heart. Hugs 2 U. L Jo

Anonymous said...

Thanks to God for this wonderful news! Love, Judy

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! I'm soooo happy for you.
Love, Kathleen

Kate Adams said...

This is amazing news! It gives hope to people knowing that there is always a possibility to heal completely.