Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Choosing To SEE: A Journey of Struggle and Hope

On May 21, 2008, Maria Chapman age 5 had been playing outside with her sisters, Shaohannah, 8, and Stevey Joy, also 5. Maria wanted to hang from the monkey bars on their playground, but wasn’t tall enough to reach them on her own. When she saw her big brother Will, then 17, steering down the driveway, she darted off to meet him and ask for his help. Will never saw her coming, and fatally struck his sister with the car.

Mother Mary Beth Chapman says more than 2 years later as she has written a book. “I can say now that God is good when things are really, really bad,” Chapman said. “But I couldn’t say it when (Maria died) because he hadn’t showed me the journey. (I had to figure out what I could say) that would also encourage people, and maybe they could start seeing their own life in the book."

Choosing To SEE: A Journey of Struggle and Hope

What Mary Beth put into words blessed my heart. It was something I had been attempting to say. I have not read the book but thought the quote was so personal. I want to steal her quote for my own (with my input in the quote):

“I can say now that God is good when things are really bad,” Chapman said & so does Kate. “But I couldn’t say it when (2006 & 2007 cancer journey was intense) because he hadn’t showed me the journey.

Much love to all today,


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you, Kate, today. Watching the "struggle" of your journey from the outside of your world has been wondrous: the tenacity with which you faced each trial (whether surgery, test, or treatment), the joy you show in every moment of life, the fierce love of a mom for her boys ... ALL of it has given us, the "outsiders" HOPE. You have weathered the storm. We have just watched it race by -- while you had it pierce and penetrate into your world of "family" and "safety" with the chill one dreaded word: Cancer. The storm touched your life so powerfully -- you have endured needles, hair loss, nausea, drugs, radiation, and scalpels. In the midst of this, we "outsiders" have seen hope in true friendship, hope in the bond of family, and hope in God's graciousness. I wish your and Mrs. Chapman's journeys of life NEVER had to include the pain of a malignancy battle or the loss of a child. Even the fact that you can look at your own war wounds and battle scars ... and think about giving someone ELSE courage, hope, or word of encouragement speaks ... no ... SHOUTS of the type of woman you are. You are a blessing to many. Boy, I wish this "leave your comment" section would let me boldface or underline stuff b/c I would have underlined the part where I wrote "You are a blessing to many." Though you have not written a book about your "journey of struggle and hope," this blog... this "Kate's Story, is pretty much the same thing...a tale of your heartaches, your up's AND down's, the triumphs of an "all clear" test, calls for prayer for previous procedures or surgeries, and the antics of life with 3 boys including everything from bugs to birthdays. Your conscious decision -- that you CHOOSE -- to see what God is showing you can't be easy. Girl, I am privileged to call you my friend. You...bless...people...
Love you.
L Jo

Anonymous said...

Thank you Laura. I am humbled by your comment.


Anonymous said...

Humbled, huh, Kate?
Yet ANOTHER one of your many attributes. I love you and was just checking in on your blog & praying for you. As you know, the picture you gave Mike and I when you married is hanging in the laundry room on purpose -- to remind me to pray for you. And I did just THAT earlier when I was starting the "whites" load. So that's TWICE praying 4 U today (so far)...the day is not over. There will probably be more. Hugs. L Jo

Marlene Harvey said...

I have accompanied my adult son through his 6 year journey battling cancer and he continues the battle. I recently read in a book a paraphrase of something said somewhere in the book of Wisdom. It said that 'you will not see God's face but that you will recognize Him in His passing'. And as I look back on this year of seemingly insurmountable difficulties and as we rest on a current victory, I can clearly see the many times that God has passed through our lives this year- with His perfect timing. And I see him in your life too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Soccer Gram: Praying for you this weekend. And, of course, praying for Soccer Gram's Soccer Daughter (Kate) as usual. Love you all. L Jo

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Anonymous said... good to visit w/ you yesterday. There is nothing that I can say to you or in front of you or in your presence that would make you love me less. People are faulted & the world is filled with faulty of them being ME. But your grace and support and laughter makes my world a better place to be in. I needed to vent about life & you were in my corner. I appreciate you and the listening ear your gave ... and ALWAYS give to the people who love you. PS: I forgot to give you the coupons so if you need them, gimme a holler. L Jo

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