Monday, February 25, 2008


Today was the official last day of physical & occupational therapy. I will possibly have my discharge evaluation for speech therapy this Thursday. My physical therapist, Wendy yelled across the gym"Happy Graduating" as I was walking out. I told her I wasn't gone just yet till I see the speech therapist recommendations. I am just thrilled to be in decent arm and leg muscle shape since surgery. I am somewhat normal. Ha ha ha- You say I will never be normal. I agree.

Insurance pays for X amount of visits per calendar year for each therapy session. We are allowing a buffer of five PT /OT visits to be used for the remainder of the year if needed. I can also go in to workout under their watchful eye for a standard fee.

I had a great conversation this morning with a fellow therapy gym patient, Justin, who has had no usage of his lower extremities since November 07, he also was a patient in the therapy hospital during my stay as well. I never had a chance to have a conversation till now. Just a jealous smile of his wheelchair skills. I told him that today! He was such a fast one down the hall while I was not. Here's Kate just tooDaLing in her wheelchair slowly running into the walls getting her insurance worth. Justin told me today he thought I was a therapist. I just laughed and said thanks for I wasn't. Able to share about my left sided weakness being a zero since surgery. It is good to be in the therapy gym as people are real. Hurting like me.

I see oncologist, Dr. Needles early next week sometime. I had some calendar confusion this Friday. Labs will be closer to the dr.'s appointment. The five days of oral Temodar (chemo) pills will be taken later in the week. I'm not in front of the calendar as I write this so I cannot give you the exact date. The 23 days off went by too quickly.

Thankful for today. It was a good day.

kate with a mild headache, cough & needing some rest


OKGardners said...

Kate, so happy to hear you are doing so much better after your therapy sessions you have been through.

You are an inspiration to a lot of people.

Praying daily for your 100% recovery.

Betty in Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

So proud of all of your hard work Kate! You leaned on the Lord really well. Thanks for teaching me too!


Karen said...

I don't post comments often, but I do check in every day or two. I want you to know you are still in many people's prayers, including ours.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate --

Rejoicing with you and praying for you!


Anonymous said...

You're right! 23 days "off" went all too fast (probably most rapidly for you, the actual patient in this, your journey in cancerland...). I'm touched to see you refer to the other patients at rehab as "real" and "hurting." You have such an empathetic soul and servant's heart...always looking out for the "Joe's" in the room. I pray that you can be balm to the hurting lives and a touch of sunshine in the grim reality that some of these fellow patients face. I continue to wave "Toodle-OOOOOOOOhhhhh" to the rehab hospital on 40 when I drive by on the way to and from work and think of you. You've come a long way, baby! Loving you! Jobacks out.

Ramona Lisa said...

Very grateful to God for your physical, emotional, and spiritual growth throughout this trial. Keep stepping forward, girl! It's also wonderful to see how your marriage and family have become intimately more close. Ramona and I are privileged to know you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate:
Just popped in to say hello and congratulations on no more PT or OT and that you are able to drive again. It is good that you can see and talk to other people who are hurting and going through their own fights or tribulations. It is kind of like your own emotional, spirtual, and physical therapies wrapped up in one hour.Sometimes while we are in our battle/journey it can seem like we are the only one going through something. You and Dave and the boys, continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Take care.
Danielle from IN

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate:
What a blessing you are to all who know you. I pray that Our Lord will give you comfort from the headaches and all the other side affects from the oral chemo. (I have a friend that took the oral chemo also, so I know it can be rough.)I pray for complete healing in your body. Dear Lord wrap your arms around Kate, and give her peace in her heart, and joy in her spirit. We ask this Lord of you, as we give you all the glory, which you deserve every day of our life. We thank you for Kate, and I pray that she will live a full life to see her grandchildren grown.

Hang in there Kate, we missed you at Bible Study today and hope to see you next week. God Bless you, and were all so proud of you. Keep up the good work!

Love, Sue M.