Friday, February 01, 2008

A Snowy Beach

A view from Mom & Dad's bedroom
Posing for the camera
The pictures explain it all with the construction trucks. Cole called it his snowy beach and asked that I title the blog with that. I, however wanted to title it "A Snowlot" for Sandlot. Yes, it was SNOW FriDAY for our family. Dave even ended up being at home due to his work shutting down the office prior to him leaving the home unfortunately not early enough as he along with the older boys shoveled the 5" of snow that fell last night. Carter & Cole were up by 6 am this morning they cannot seem to sleep in. Our alarm went off at 5:45 and Dave noticed that the light was on in Cole's room in which they share at this time. They were listening to "Jonathon Park", an audio adventure series that they are engaged in from vision "The Jonathon Park project provides children and adults with scientific evidence that is in harmony with the Word of God. This is our Father's world, God created it; we can explore it, so live the adventure!" I have to say it is quite engaging for me as well. Very thought provoking. We noticed late fall that a new series was available so it was given at Christmas to both. Cole thanked me at bedtime last night for the newest series. Each series has somewhere between twelve episodes on four compact discs coming close to five hours. Time well spent in our opinion. After sledding today we would find each boy upstairs listening to the audio series for their warm up breaks. Carter was even privileged to eat his homemade sticky bun upstairs. Many thanks to grandma (Gram to ya'll).
Gram currently left for her weekend break from us. She normally leaves on Friday and returns on Sunday evenings.She needs to be able to get away from three young kids. I along with Dave are very thankful for her. She is a early morning riser as well. Cole seems to think she treats them like kings at breakfast time. I have agreed. She has made corncakes which appeals to their adventure of possibly living during Little House on the Prairie times. It has been fun to smell and watch her sour dough starter. The boys call it a science experiment for it takes days of preparation fizzing involved for those of you who don't know. Not long ago blueberry waffles were prepared on her waffle maker with blueberry topping. This morning grits were on the table after shoveling the driveway. They haven't had their eyes or stomachs introduced to them (grits). I told the boys to enjoy this time they have with her here. For the weekend is "look in the freezer for Trader Joe waffles" while Dave makes our smoothies. I will make eggs for some protein power.
Kings don't you think?


OKGardners said...

What fun in the snow! They will always remember these fun times. What a blessing that Gram can help out during this special time. Enjoy every day.
(Like you always do.) :)

Still praying for your recovery!

Betty in Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

.. . train them in the way they should go . . .that's what came to my mind as I read about the series the boys are so "in to. They are choosing wisely because you and Dave are providing Christian examples and information available to fortify those beliefs. It is encouraging to see young families bringing your children up in the ways of our Lord. Glad your family was able to have so much fun in the snow. The food sounded very fortifying with energy for outdoor play. Kuddos to Gram for knowing just what everyone needed.

Anonymous said...

Fryin' burgers, boilin' hot dogs, scramblin' eggs, making popcorn or grilled cheese sandwiches... all good weekend fodder. I don't cook much on the weekends either. :-)

Have fun in the snow! We got 10" of the white stuff on Thursday night... in case you want to borrow some. :) I don't think 5" is nearly enough so I'm willing to share the wealth.


God bless you on your continued journey to wellness~ Pearl

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a wonderful weekend. Still praying for you!!

Heather and Kevin Bauer

Anonymous said...

Can I come and spend the night and eat breakfast in the morning?

Night night,

Anonymous said...

I'm with Emily...let's ALL go over with our plates in hand in the morning and line up outside the front door for a spoonfull of Gram's good home-cookin'! I LOVED your entries, Kate, w/ the snow pics and stories. I had my camcorder AND my camera out on Friday myself--neither of the boys would LOOK at me...WHY does no one want to make eye contact once the picture-taking and chronicling begins? Hel-LO! I'm preparing to scrapbook here! You guys co-operate! Grrrr! Looks like you don't have that problems w/ your bunch, Kate, you lucky duck! Any-hoo....loving you and yours, including selfless Gram. Grew up in South Carolina, Gram, so we Davises know ALL about Gri-uts (grits...all of the deep south accent-makers always make one syllable words into two syllable words...example: God is Gaw-ud...hmmmm....oh, well)... How 'bout some okra? Then you'll REALLY be home cookin', Gram? Love from the Jobacks