Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Therapy Evaluation

Boy, time is a hot commodity around here. I had a post written on paper this past Monday, February 4 and haven't had the time to sit down at the computer to update ya'll. Stuart came down with a fever over the weekend then Carter followed. Ok.....

Pretend this was written on Monday, February 4 -

Today was my one month (30 days) therapy evaluation.

OT (occupational therapy) and PT (physical therapy) have shown improvements with therapist goals reached. I also have noticed improvements.

My outpatient therepay regimen will change from 3x daily one hour each to 2x daily still at one hour. Speech will continue 2x daily at one hour. The speech therapy is working on cognitive processing. I was thrilled to have the OT & PT change for two specific reasons.
1. Muscle improvement is noticeably significant
2. Snodgrass calendar to be simplified

As for driving, I have the written report but, need an oral "Ok" from my rehab doctor, Dr. Ahmad. I called this afternoon to get the ball rolling in hopes to catch him. I was told the report was put on his desk last Friday and he might get back to me by next Monday. I emphasized the importance of hearing from him to the gal. Life would be much easier if I drove. Please pray that the doctor will call prior to next Monday (He called yesterday & I was cleared!) .

I will be starting chemo (Temodar) this Friday. The top possible side effects are fatigue, naseau,constipation and adverse impact on white & red blood cell counts. Zofran will be taken in advance to combat the naseau. Temodar is specific to brain cancers and normally does not cause hair loss. My chemo schedule is as such 5 days on 23 off. Repeat till Dr. Needles, oncologist deems necessary. Please pray as it looks as if I will be on chemo during Cole's birthday in March and our anniversary in May. I obviously prefer the side effects to be minimal. Obsolete Lord willing.

Thankful I am alive and driving, (I need to write to you about a God print while I was driving the other day!)


TeamBettendorf said...

I don't know if you are interested in alternative therapies but my daughter tooks supplements and had an amazing recovery. I also know of a woman here in Missouri that had a brain tumor and was declared cancer free with the use of these supplements and no chemo. If you'd like more info feel free to contact me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

We prayed for you this morning at staff devotions, that the sickness that is exhausting your children (and ours!) will quickly be lifted. It seems that fevers (and vomiting, unfortunately) are rampant right now. Praying specifically that you will be protected from that!

I will be praying for you as the chemo begins. I have another friend who just began chemo last week...she is very much where you were last year, I think...still in shock and very much mourning the loss of her hair!!

God bless you,

Especially Heather said...

Hi Kate, So good to hear that you are doing so well!

About your Temodar schedule, I sat down and figured out my own schedule (based on 5 days on, 23 off) so that it would miss the majority of Holidays. I suggest you talk to your doctor and see what he/she/they think. It really eased my peace of mind. Also, what strength are you taking?

I continue to pray and read... although I dont comment much, you are in my prayers and if you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to write me an email or shoot me a phone call...


Anonymous said...

Sending thanks to God that you are cleared to drive. I am also praying that your chemo side affects will be absent, God willing, or minimal at most. We are all grateful for the progress God continues to give to you. Also praying for your boys, and hoping the fever and such do not attack all of them, Dave included, and that you somehow do not contract them either. Blessings to all.

Anonymous said...

How awesome that you can now drive!Thank you God!

I have a chronic leukemia and have been on an oral treatment schedule for a year. I tried to look at the calendar to project out when I would be on and off treatment but many things impact this schedule, ie blood counts, sickness, etc. The MD has also made an effort to adjust the schedule to accomodate events I would like to be fully present for.

I'm praying that you will experience Gods provision to meet your every need, during these next few days.

Kathy b

OKGardners said...

Prayers are going up for YOU and ESPECIALLY HEATHER from Oklahoma! You are both precious Moms & Wives.

Betty in Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're back on the road (watch out, she mom making up for lost time!!!) :) Will definately pray about your concerns @ the Temodar and side effect issues... You're on our minds! Love from the Joback household

Kim said...

Praying for you here in Memphis. Praise God for being able to drive again and all the improvements you're seeing.

The Endraskes

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
Praying through these requests. Thanks for keeping us updated!