Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sour Tude

Hello all. I am here to update you on the past few days. Chemo cycle ended on Tuesday night. Yesterday I was a total grump early in the morning. One sour 'tude. Poor Dave got the best of me early on. (Why is it that you can be a beast to the ones you love dearly and yet fine to others?) My day was fine till the afternoon hit and that is when the fatigue set in. This fatigue is an all over one. Very unusual. Stuart was the only one home with me as Cole was at a friends home and Carter at camp. Stuart loves to watch the movie "Facing the Giants" so that is what we did while I laid on the couch. I really thought if I got up vomit would have been all over the room. Zofran was then taken in hopes that it would help. I was hesitant in taking it due to the increase of constipation. That is one of the side effects. Yeah - NOT! Ok I chose to not vomit over constipation problems. As for the constipation-not like I like to tell the whole world .... My left lower pelvic area is painful. It usually occurs on the latter days of chemo like day 4, 5, and even 6. This morning in bed it was so bad that I needed to lay on my right side.

Today at noon I will be picking up Carter from an area church. He left for camp on Sunday with 100 other fourth- sixth graders. I am sure he will have some great stories to tell tonight at dinner. I heard if they received three or more mail in one day (snail or email) they would have to sing for their items. Not sure about care packages. I sent one last Thursday in hopes it would get to him by Monday. The camp was in Illinois. Snail mail was also sent last week. We will see what he says today. I plan on taking my camera today to have a before camp / after camp pic to show ya'll.

Oops. I forgot to tell you. I have a hearing test scheduled in August. I think I have a hearing problem since the last surgery. Of course it most likely is my slow processing/ thinking. I wanted to know so Dr. Needles scheduled a test for me to find out. I will try to let you know more later on.


Danielle in MO said...

I think you are entitled to have a sour tude :) although your right - we do take it out on the ones we love -- not sure why... hang in there - and good call on the movie with Stuart and I am sure he loved it too!!!! check your e-mail I sent one that with info I didn't want to share with the rest of the world!! :)

Anonymous said...

Kate, don't judge yourself too harshly, dear. Most of us can't relate to what you carry in your mind and heart each day and night. Dave is a God-sent partner in all of this with you. He knows your heart and loves you unconditionally, on "good days and bad." Those of us who have spouses like that are truly blessed. From the sound of things you are still making life fun and enriching for your boys. It sounds like you are making special efforts to see that their lives are filled with wonderful and exciting ventures. Kudos to you and Dave. Our prayers are that your side effects are minimal and that your hearing test goes well.

Chris said...

yes, ease up on yourself! Dave still loves you and so do your boys!
what's your son doing at a camp in Illinois?! have you forgotten your old days at Turkey HIll?!

Anonymous said...

Kate- I can totally relate to having a sour attitude- I have had many since moving overseas ! Bill is a patient man and I am sure Dave is too! Praying for you (most likely while you are sleeping..) for no nausea, difficulties with bowels and for rest. The Lord tells us to rest and it is good to rest when we are physically exhausted. Miss you Kate- miss seeing you on your walks and really miss seeing your boys! We'll be home in 5 weeks....can I take you out for lunch? (with Stu of course!) Love in Him, Jen (Italia)
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans12:12