Friday, August 01, 2008

The Camper

An energized Carter, Logan & Jimmy

Carter had a good camp experience. A little tired yesterday(as expected). I took him and his brothers out to lunch at McAlisters Deli he had his head down on the table prior to eating. When Dave was home for dinner lots of good conversation was had. The stories were great. His cabin had guys in there from school. Lots of laughs. Something about Wesley being a green machine and needing a quarter. Guy talk- that is for sure! Just keep in mind boy cabins smell. Ok for those of you who have boys know their rooms just have a smell to them. I don't even have a teenager yet so that will be delightful having three boys who just came home from a sporting event. Room Freshener anyone? Not including their friends. OoooEeeeee

A tired Ian, Logan & Carter after camp

It is a Salt & Light camp tradition that they tie dye shirts. Carter wanted to wear his slung over his shoulder. He was tired.

He did have to sing for his care package that was sent to him. He chose "ABC" song and sang it faster than I have ever heard it sung before. Quite HI larious.

We all went to bed early last night. Friday is eventful.


Danielle in MO said...

Looks like he had fun!!! The picture of him after camp looks like he is 17 - the pose the expression.... glad he had a blast... memories for a life time!!! I still remember church camp!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

Glad Carter had a good time!

Praying for you with the pelvic pain and attitude issue(bet my sour attitude could top yours, and without the chemo excuse!)

Love you,

Anonymous said...

I'm with Erika! I've had some doozies-of-an-attitude and I have not been able to use chemo for an excuse, either. Hmmm...must come up with SOMETHING to explain my mood at time! You're right, Kate, too, about us seeming to bark at the ones closest to us... I LOVED seeing the b4 (energetic, excited) and after (worn out, sweaty, ready to be home) picture of Carter and the gang. Nieces just had camps too, within the last several weeks, and I LOVED jamming the post office with mail for them, knowing that the girls would have to perform or jump through hoops of some sort at the recipient end. I have lamented, as well, that there is an absence of girls living in this household! Odiferous males predominate in this abode, as they do in yours...and I will go halvsies with you (or is it halfsies...yep, probably halfsies) on a case of Oust or Glade or Airwick -- your choice, our mutual gain! Girl...mmm, hmm, hmm... how can children under 5 years of age produce such a funk? Ah, well... part of a fallen world. I'll bet that there were no odors b4 the fall. Hmmm...things on which to ponder... Not too hard, though...don't want to stress the cranium (especially yours). Hugs. L. Joback OUT!