Monday, August 11, 2008

Can you hear me now?

That's right I had my audiology testing performed this afternoon at the hospital. The gal giving the test said in conclusion "Your hearing is what we consider well within normal range." Great! Now it must be my slow processing that is causing my delays. Let's pray that in time it will correct itself. The funny part of it all it that my appointment was really scheduled for Wednesday the 13th. When signing up at the reception desk. I joked with the gal saying "I guess I didn't hear her correctly with scheduling on the phone.

This past weekend was alot of fun for Dave and I. We enjoyed a beautiful wedding on Saturday with a delightful reception. The bride was Lindsay, my previous OT from the rehab hospital. At the reception the tables were assigned seating. We sat with Kate, another patient of Lindsays whom was confined to a wheelchair. Great conversation was had. A coworker of Lindsay was also in attendance. She said she remembered me and how I was not able to use my left side hands, arm legs, etc. She mentioned that I have come a long way. I told her thank you. It was humbling to be in their presence. Memories of December came about.

All in all it has been a good few days at the Snodgrass home.

I also want to add a link that Dave's uncle sent to me today. I thought the scenery and music was good. God has been my friend through all of this. Once seeing it you will understand that sentence. I think the title was Irish blessing.


Anonymous said...

Kate...glad that it sounds like you and Dave had a quasi-date-night out at a wedding & reception...being at them ALWAYS brings back memories: your OWN wedding, your December saga, your improvements in your left side...YEP: all things worth re-vising in the cranium some times. Though I am glad to have the good news of your auditory normalcy, I'm SAD that it didn't give you the perfect excuse to make mistakes and stuff...bummer...but YEA! Mixed bag, I guess! Glad to have talked to you (if only for a sec) tonight, too...good to hear your voice. My ears are working fine and I, also, have no excuse for my brain's misfires...they're happening much more readiy. I think I am: a) aging b) disintegrating c) did I mention aging? Love you! C ya later this week! Laura Joback

Anonymous said...

I recant!!!! I MUST start re-reading my notes 2 U b4 I send them rattling along the cyberwaves...yet ANOTHER typo: "re-vising" should have been "re-visiting," but you probably already knew that. See: it's one of those frequent neuron misfires that occur even in bi-aural-ly normal people! WhatEVER! Just had to point out my own mistake 4 ya... L Jo (again)