Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Mississippi Visit

Last night the boys and I just returned from visiting my brother, Calvin in Mississippi. My mom went along. It was a short but much needed visit. Dave was unable to go due to him being in San Francisco on business till this morning. We all had a great time in the south. I love the southern "talk".

It has been a low key day. Great to be together as a family for dinner.

Life is not complete till you've been to Piggly Wiggly.
Cousin fun in Mississippi

Today I had my blood drawn for my doctors visit on Monday. I start chemo Friday night through Tuesday. The boys start school on Tuesday even little Stu. His mommy will miss him.

added on 8/22 ** Stuart is going T / Th - half days


Danielle in MO said...

I love Piggly Wiggly -- we go to those in SC too.... even have a shirt that says I am BIG on the PIG.... Stuart going to school? half day?

Anonymous said...

"Goin' Southern" is like a huge hug from a long-gone,loving grandmother. It brings back favorite sounds, smells, latent memories, and is a special state of mind. Glad ya'll enjoyed some Southern Hospitality.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...familiar feeling, Kate, w/ the littlest guy starting school this Junior Junior is, too. AND I LOVE Piggly Wiggly, having been raised in the South myself (South Carolina)...we used to call it Hoggly Woggly instead of Piggly Wiggly, though...just to be wierd, I guess (SHOCK-er!). Hugs and love from our household to yours...glad I re-read this...almost sent it reading from our "hosehold" to yours...which isn't exactly right.'s been a long day. Laura Joback

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate!
Praying that your chemo weekend goes well and minimal, if any side effects. You're all in our thoughts, hearts, and prayers. Hope the boys have a good first week of school.
Take care.
Danielle (IN)