Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saturdays ache

Oh, where to start? Yesterday proved to be one hard day. I had a mild headache throughout the day then it worsened in the evening. Enough to call the doctors exchange. I was wondering the maximum amount of tylenol a patient could take that would be safe. During the day 500 mg. of tylenol would hardly cut the pain. I knew liver damage could happen if a person took too much tylenol. The on call doctor said up to four grams of tylenol is okay, but we need to monitor this side effect. Tell me about it! The doctor also mentioned some other potent pain med (can't seem to remember at this time) I said no due to the naseau. If the pain didn't subside the hospital would have been a good choice. I went to bed at 8:30 pm with two tylenol and one Zofran for the (most likely) headache induced naseau. I awoke at midnight with no pain. Happiness exuded in the bedroom. I thanked God for the absense of the pain. Friday nights chemo really did a doozie on my body last night. Not something I want to repeat anytime soon.

Tomorrow is my doctors appointment at 11:30. We will find out the lab results from Thursday. You can be sure I will tell him about Saturdays episode. Tomorrow Stuart is also going to meet his teacher and drop off the school supplies in the morning. Tuesday is coming all too soon.

Today was a good day. k-


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate:
Hoping and praying you are feeling better today. Is there a reason you don't take Advil or Aleve for you headache pain, just wondering. Sometimes they work a little better when Tylenol doesn't. Maybe your doctor can give you a better solution for both the headaches and nausea. Keep us posted.
Take care.
Danielle (IN)

Anonymous said...

Hey, you... Glad your med combo helped the pain, but I DO hope it doesn't repeat itself. Glad it hasn't been an issue like that in the WOULD really make you dread your days-on-chemo more than you already do, huh? to the docs about having better drugs than OTC on hand. Drugs are good...ooops, did that sound bad? I MEANT: prescribed drugs under a doctor's care and taken as labeled are good. There. That sounded better. Praying for good labs and good meetings / school stuff this week. L Joback

Anonymous said...

UGH. Thankful today is better! Lifting you up....remember that analogy from way swimming (?) in the river with everyone cheering you on from the riverbank....I think of that often...b/c it's true. Most of us have not lived your trial, but we're here for you.

Love, Sue