Thursday, June 05, 2008

Celebrating the big 10!

Yes, today is Carter's tenth birthday. It is hard to imagine that he was born ten years ago. Last night we had a family dinner due to him having a ball game tonight. He will celebrate with his friends on Monday, June 9. This morning he had his birthday pancakes (a family tradition) on the "You are special" plate. Enjoy the pictures.

As for the chemo update. Cole likes to call it CHEE mo. I was exhausted. On Sunday morning at church I informed Dave that it felt like I would pass out. That was two nights worth of chemo. Tuesday night was my official last night of taking the pills for the five day round. Some constipation occured that was somewhat remedied. I cannot complain for the Temodar wasn't as horrible this time. Thank you for praying. It was appreciated and noticable.

Off to the pool this morning for some birthday splashes.



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Carter!!! How fun...I LOVE family traditions!!! Playing at the pool sounds like a great way to celebrate, too. :)

Chemo...being tired...ugh...BIG UGH...Praying for your plumbing to continue to run smoothly, energy, and no other side effects.

In His Grip,
Sue Stark :)

OKGardners said...

You have some really handsome young men there! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Carter!

Kate, you look beautiful! You go, girl!

Still praying daily for you. You WILL get better. Trust God for that.

Betty in Oklahoma

Sheryl said...

Oh, the pictures are so great. And what an idea, bday pancakes!!

You look terrific, I know you'd like to feel as good as you look. Still praying.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. CUTE pictures!

love Mrs. B

Anonymous said...

Praying for lots of stamina for you, Kate, as the summertime fun and activities are getting into full swing now. Wishing for fun-filled days for you and the boys.

Anonymous said...

I just stubled across your blog...looking at your picture, you're beautiful Kate! Reading your words, ...I find an even deeper beauty.

I do not understand our God sometimes, but your faith blesses my heart, reknews my heart.

May HE attend to your every care!