Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today's bloodwork was within normal limits (WNL's). I will continue with the 350mg. of Temodar (chemo) tomorrow night into Tuesday.

Thanks for checking in...



Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

Praising the Lord for WNL. Praying for this next round of chemo, for your endurance and its effectiveness.

Love you,

Finally a Family of Four said...

So glad that the blood work is normal. It was great seeing you the other day, you look great.

Anonymous said...

Praying that the blood work continues to be WNL and that the chemo "is nice to your system". Praying that you have a good, restful weekend too. Take care and God Bless. You all continue to be in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers every day!
Danielle (IN)

Anonymous said...

Kate- Praying for you as you begin another round of chemo- just think, while you are sleeping, I can pray! Miss you dear friend! Ciao! Jen (Italia)
Psalm 100

Anonymous said...

Yippie for WNL. Are you BAR? (...medical-ese for bright, alert, and responsive...) Did you have Sx? (...medical-ese for surgery...and had it [twice]) Do you have Rx's (...medical-ese for prescriptions...but you probably already knew that one [and, yes, you have more than you would like]) Do you have extensive Tx plans from your attending physicians? (...medical-ese for treatment plans [YES, you have those, too]) So, PTL, KMS for FLY (Praise the Lord, Kate Meyer Snodgrass for Friends Like You). Personally, I'm praying for MWNLR's (MORE Within Normal Limits Results) and an UWOC (Uneventful Weekend On Chemo). Hope you don't have any COBDOHOGF (Cramps Or Bowel Disruptions Or Headaches Or Great Fatigue)...yeah, none of those last few are "true" medical-ese...I just got in the swing of abbreviating & decided I'd run w/ it! C ya (See ya...but you probably already knew that) LJ (Laura Joback...but you probably already knew THAT one, too).

Kim & Dave said...

Kate-just wanted you to know-I'm still praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Kate, So glad to hear the good report. I will be praying for the chemo to be effective and for a nice weekend for you and all the boys. love, Carol Voelkel

Anonymous said...

Kate- your post on my blog was the sweet fragrance of Christ to me- thank you! This morning in church, the sermon was on trusting God in the midst of cancer- or any trial God uses for His purpose and glory. Our pastor's wife was just diagnosed with breast cancer on Thursday- Her name is Karen- I know you will pray for her! Can I share your blog with her?? Have a wonderful day- hello to your men!Love, Jen (Italia)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate! Just wanted to touch base and tell you we're still praying for you. So glad to hear your blood work was WNL... did you make up that acronym? Okay, if you didn't know before then you know now that I'm NOT a medical person. Perhaps I should ask Laura, our FWLTMUA (Friend Who Likes To Make Up Acronyms)! Hee hee... hopefully she will see that, or I'll have to tell her I did it!

We're praying for you through the chemo days and for those multi-tasking skills to keep getting better and better!

Have a wonderful week!
Stacey Preis