Monday, June 23, 2008


Hello All,
Last week was VBS week. What a week! Overseeing crafts for three of the days was a hoot. I felt horrible on Monday and Tuesday with what I like to call the chemo cold. I never have had so many colds as I have had in a years time. I think I am at six since February already! Aghhhhhh. Welcome to a compromised immune system.

I have been struggling with keeping up with house duties(laundry, dishes, etc). It is the multi tasking that is difficult. Dave encourages me to rest during the day. I have more energy in the morning compared to afternoons. If I do not rest I will feel it in the late evening with a ache behind my eyes. It happened last night. I had a great time attending a friends bridal shower minus resting during the day(no time). I also taught the pre K Sunday school class at church in the morning which requires energy that I so want to expend for the kingdom. I love being with the kids. God is good.

This week I have my oncologist appointment on Thursday at 11:15 am. I will also have my bloodwork done prior to the appointment as well. We will have the results at the appointment. I am trying to condense my driving due to gas prices. The less amount spent on the road the better. Chemo (350 mg. Temodar) is slated for Friday evening through Tuesday.

Please pray for Dave and I in regards to contacting others hurting with this disease. We have numerous opportunities unfortunately (for their sake). This is one club that should NOT have lots of members.



Anonymous said...

Hi Kate:
You and Dave and the boys continue to be in our heart,thoughts, and prayers. Good thoughts and hugs coming your way. I can totally relate to the struggle with house duties, kids, and allowing myself to rest. I don't know about you but I feel considerably worse if I don't at least lay down for a nap or quiet time (hard to do with a 4 and 5yr old who want to be outside all day). Is there anyone who can come over to help so you can take a nap? Does Stu still take naps or has he outgrown them?
Take care and God Bless! Please let us know how your appointment goes. Praying that Temdor is nice to your system this weekend

Danielle (IN)

OKGardners said...

Kate, I don't know how you do all the things you do. You are amazing.

I'm still praying daily for your healing and restoration of health.

God Bless You,
Betty in Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

Praying for your oncology appt and blood work Thursday, and praying that God will strengthen your system against these "chemo colds."

If you need help with Stuart or if you run out of meals, let me know!!

:-) Erika

Anonymous said...

Prayer antennae is up for you and your family, especially this week, and during the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...really...lets have a chemo / cancer club with minimal (or NO) members, huh? Praying that your appointment this AM went well & that you will have a smooth-sailing weekend of therapy. Thought about you as I drove by your neighborhood on the way to my sister's this's OFTEN that you are on my brain. And that's a GOOD thing! Love you! Sending summertime hugs...sunscreen, water play, flowers, parks, hikes, VBS, and, oh, did I mention sunscreen? Laura Joback