Friday, January 25, 2008

Trusting His faithfulness?

"As we consider the plans that we have made in our life and then see the different plans that God has in store for us, it reminds us that He is faithful in all things, even the things that are hard to understand. In this time of change, we are trusting God and looking expectantly toward the future . . . "

The above is a quote that came in a Christmas newsletter from a neighbor mentor that is moving with her husband to Italy in June of 2008. When taking a long walk not long ago I was selfishly saddened upon hearing her news in person prior to receiving her newsletter.

It is my prayer that I can steal (ok not steal, but state) her quote in the years to come. At this moment it is difficult for me to trust God for the years to come.

The following verse is printed on my "Thank you for Taking Care of the Snodgrass Family" information folder it was also in the newsletter. A good reminder for me.

In his heart a man plans his course,
but the Lord determines his steps.
Proverbs 16:9
Therapy for my left side has been muscle sorelike and it is still hard to find the best time to be able to complete my home exercise program (HEP). It seems that as soon as I have each exercise down, two more sessions of 10/20 are added. My hand needs definite muscle improvement. The thumb is not strong. Supposedly shorter muscles have a hard time recouperating/ recovering (aka: the hand) compared to longer muscles(aka: the leg). Thankfully my left leg is coming along. I am sore in my quads. Ohh doing stairs is uncomfortable tonight. Two days of consecutive therapy is to blame! I'm sure. Speech therapy has shown that my conginitive processing needs improvement. After reading a short story and approached with specific questions I become confused . My short term memory has been affected as well. I am using a written memory notebook in my purse per the therapist advice.
Since returning home from the rehab hospital I had my first major headache behind the right eye (migraine like) last night. I am so thankful tonight that it has yet to surface also that it has been the first major pain since discharge.
Not driving just yet. . .My mom(Gram to ya'll) is the chauffeur. Please pray for her stamina along with encouragement. Thank you to many who have picked me up from therapy.
Off to basketball games tomorrow. So glad.
My cup overflows with blessings...


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord, we truly thank you for Kate's progress. We are especially grateful for the comments in which she seems to feel encouragement and pleased with the progress she is making. We ask You to fill her with patience and continued faith in Your path for her progress. We ask that You give her continued strength in her body and mind. Lord, we pray that she can live each day without fear and worry about the future. Only You, God, can take that burden away from her. It is not humanly possible for us to look at life without worry and fear for the future. You, only, can remind us that the future is Yours. We pray for the faith we need to face our futures. You are in control and have it all planned out for us. You do not make mistakes. Give us the mind to leave it all up to you. We pray that You will give Gram strength and good health to serve Kate and her family. Bless them all with Your presence. We pray all this in Your Name. Amen

Kate, keep it up, girl. You are a champion. You can do it. to coin a well known phrase, "I think you can, I think you can, I think you can . . ."

Anonymous said...


Continuing to pray. You are on my heart.


Anonymous said...

Still praying for you and checking in on you daily... Danielle

Anonymous said...

Hey...thanks for the verses and quotes...reminders to us ALL that our lives are DUE HIM... Even the hard parts of our lives are allowed by Him...for testing, for reproving, for training in righteousness, and such. You've been on our hearts and in our prayers w/o ceasing. Hands, legs, memory, healing surgical site, incision, hairline, hairdo, musculature, nerve conduction, and the like... Loving you from the Jobacks: Laura

Anonymous said...

Heavenly Father, We thank you for Kate. What an inspiration she is to all of us. By your awesome grace you have shown such great progress in her. Please Dear Lord, give her the peace of mind for the future, so she can enjoy each day to the fullest. We know heavenly Father each day is gift from you, and we should cherish each one. I pray Dear Lord for complete healing in her body, so she can be worry free for the future. Only you can give this, in Jesus's name. Hang in there Kate, your doing an awesome job!!! I see great strides of improvement each week I see you at Bible Study. God Bless You.
Sue M.

Anonymous said...

We went to a birthday party today. The houses on the street were very small and in a rather older neighborhood in Manchester. As we turned down the street, my Joshua said, "Josh lives on a NICCCCE street. Look at that hill...he's so lucky. He can ride his bike down that!" You would have thought we were pulling into a Ladue street full of huge mansions. I got goosebumps and became rather ferclemped. Why is it that kids can so quickly see the good in EVERYTHING? That pure, childlike innocence. It warms my heart. At times I feel like man, I wish we had a biggger house, or I sure could use a nicer car. I then realize what selfish thinking that is. We have been blessed with 2 little beautiful, loving boys and we have a cozy, warm home with working plumbing and a refrigerator stocked with food. It is often through my children and my gratefulness that I realize how blessed I am. Kate, you have that see all of the good, the blessings amidst the hardships. I know your sons help to also bring that gift to you. I so admire you for that. Keep trusting God. He will not let you down. You will continue to improve. Keep basking in the glory of every little positive step. One day at a time! Praying for you and your family. Hugs, Stacy J

Michele said...

Still praying for you Kate!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate!

Today at lunch a friend mentioned Psalm 120. I just looked it up and then read on to Psalm 121. That one made me think of you. Here it is, with a small addition from me in caps:

1 I lift up my eyes to the hills— where does my help come from?
2 My help comes from the LORD,
the Maker of heaven and earth.
3 He will not let your foot (OR HAND) slip— he who watches over you will not slumber;
4 indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.
5 The LORD watches over you— the LORD is your shade at your right hand;
6 the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night.
7 The LORD will keep you from all harm— he will watch over your life;
8 the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.

Praying for you today, for God to give you the time and the energy to do all the things He wants you to do today, including those exercises! Of course we continue to pray for healing, too.

Stacey Preis