Sunday, March 09, 2008

Expelled Documentary

This is a documentary that supposedly will be out in April. It interested me. We were informed of it the other night.

Like to know your honest thoughts.



Ramona Lisa said...

WOW! I watched the "Super Trailer" on the website and was blown away. I'm so thankful that Ben Stein is challenging mainstream science and media with this film. Kudos to him! I look forward to seeing "Expelled" and passing it along to others.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Haven't looked at the documentary yet...will get to it when I have a free moment (ha ha)...but, Kate, I laughed when I saw the blog entry just recently about God being "bigger" than Temodar "Veggie Tales" style. I totally agree. I snuck up on Isaac yesterday who was strumming Daddy's guitar and singing at the top of his lungs about something similar...he had PART of the story right and part of it was from his "wee little mind" (his exact words when I asked him where he'd come up with his narrative)... He would sing some words and strum vigorously with one (or both) hands on the strings. The story started out about how Jesus was punished for our sins and died on the cross. Then he spent three days in a cave. But, unknown to me, apparently Jesus encountered a "Swamp Thing" in the cave which was slimy and stinky and purple. But (exact words) because Jesus was "bigger" than the Swamp Thing, Jesus came OUT of the cave after three days and was ALIVE! So my thoughts that day was, Laura, what's the Swamp Thing in your life? Are you cooped up in a cave with the creature, letting it drag you down? Our God is BIGGER than the Swamp Thing, and such a perspective is often needed for this 38-year old woman...even if the perspective comes from a 4 year old who doesn't have the story quite right. Or perhaps he was just embellishing the story a bit for his imaginary audience... True, I don't have cancer...I don't "KNOW" what you're going through. I don't even have an inkling what you've dealt with physically and emotionally since October/November 2006. Glad you have a God who DOES know, who is fighting for you, have friends to faithfully pray, and a husband to lift you up on the days that you need to be held up by your bootstraps and toothpicks shoved under your eyelids to keep thim at half-mast. We love you. The Jobacks

Anonymous said...

Loved the trailers, have sent the website Emails to friends and family. Thank you for sharing. Marlene, a friend of a mutual friend