Monday, March 03, 2008

Round 1 updated results

My current oncologist, Dr. Needles, appointment was today at 11:45. As for the updated results from round 1 of chemo: Bloodwork looks good. A follow up MRI will occur towards the end of March with my next doctors appointment on Monday, March 31. The kicker of it all - I have gained 8lbs. since January 3. Aghhh! I knew my pants were not fitting well lately. I attribute it to slacking on the strict personal diet of no sweets. Yes, sweets have been introduced. My body is showing signs of it. Especially in my complexion a few days following the indulgence.

I will be starting oral chemo, Temodar, this Friday, March 7 for five consecutive days.

We are contemplating some changes regarding medical doctors. Please pray for wisdom.


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