Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What A Day

4 am I awoke with an odd sound down the hallway. The boys bathroom light was on and as I was getting closer the sound was more familiar. It was vomiting. Poor Carter was up. A nice colorful rust color splotch on the carpet was outside the bathroom. (We had red sauce for dinner) Unfortunately he did not make it to the tile in time. What a surprise to him and I. He was feeling fine at bedtime. After some clean up we both tried to get some sleep yet- unsuccessful. Carter threw up less than an hour later. No thanks to the water he had after the 4 am event. It obviously didn't settle well in his tummy. The vomit cycle was about every 30 to 40 minutes. He was up along with I till Stuie awoke around 7:30. Little Stu laid in bed with an exhausted Mommy. We eventually made our way downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast. Cole awoke as well for food. Carter was given ice chips as he wasn't desiring food - understandably. He kept vomiting after any type of liquid. Many thanks to our neighbor, Jennifer for helping with the carpet clean up. I think we need to think about investing in a steam cleaner. I had called her to see if she would stay at our home (I didn't want Carter to leave the house) so I could run to the store to rent a steam cleaner and she so graciously offered her green machine. I think that was the name of it. Also thanks to Ramona for picking up some Pedialyte. It is not fun to go shopping with three kids in tow especiallywith one being a sickly child. Carter was worsening in his sickness hour by hour. By 10:45 the bowels started moving a little too quickly(if you know what I mean). No fever thankfully. At lunchtime a decision was made to take him to the ER for IV fluids as he was crying with no tears.

Topping things off...Dave was in Texas on a business trip. I was in a quandary in trying to find someone ASAP to help with Cole and Stuart. I was being sensitive to the possiblity of Carter having the flu and not wanting to expose another family.

OK back to the ER...
We arrived after a fast lunch for Cole, Stuart and myself. The hospital staff questioned Carter about his pain, ailments, etc. He was complaining about a headache and feeling"woosy". His right arm was hurting as well as his stomach ("6" on the pain scale). He so wanted a drink for he was thirsty, yet afraid to throw up due to hurting.

After many questions I asked if they were thinking appendicitis. They said yes, yet no fever is a good sign among other things. His bloodwork showed elevated WBC's which is normal I assume for a virus. He was given Zofran in the IV for his naseau. I also requested the flu test to be performed. We ended with an x-ray.

We came home by dinner time with an exhausted Carter. He went to bed after a bland meal.

The flu was negative. He just had some bug today. Stomach rating by him a "2" by the time we left. Hopefully no one else will get it.

Kudos to Cole for his help in packing a fun backpack for the hospital. Stuart and him were very well behaved. Even the nurse spoke highly of their behavior. I attribute some of it to Cole along with a TV in the room.

It was my first time at the Missouri Baptist pediatric ER and it was wonderful.

So glad Dave is home.
Needing some rest,


OKGardners said...

So sorry to hear about your son's illness. That is NO fun - anytime. I hope you and the other family members stay well. Your neighbors are angels to help you with the SPOT and getting the Pedialyte. (Thank them for me!) We never know when WE will need help and need to be helpful to those we know, when we are able to offer a hand.

God Bless them and all of your family. Still praying for your healing and restoration.

Love & Prayers,
Betty in Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

Praying for three well boys, and a rested mom, now that dad is home. Thankful for helpful neighbors, friends, and always an accommodating hospital and medical staff when we need them.

Kim & Dave said...

Kate-this is Kim Harvey (Dillon)

Just found your blog.

Didn't know all you (& your family) have been going through!

Praying for you!


Ramona Lisa said...

Hope everyone is feeling great today! Love to all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Snodgrasses--
We are well acquainted with the ER's at Mo Bap and St. Luke's! Glad to hear that Carter is feeling better...and CERTAINLY praying that no one else gets it! (I always immediately think of our rotovirus nightmare!)

Praying you all get some rest.