Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Professional Motherhood

The following website offers encouragement to mothers. Press play audio to hear Jill Savage's 30 minute message given through Focus on the Family.


Every Mother's Prayer
author unknown
Dear Lord, it's such a hectic day,
With little time to stop and pray,
For life's been anything but calm,
Since you called on me to be a mom.

Running errands, matching socks,
Building dreams with building blocks.
Cooking, cleaning, and finding shoes,
And other stuff that children lose.

Fitting lids on bottled bugs,
Wiping tears and giving hugs.
A stack of last week's mail to read,
So where's the quiet time I need?

Yet when I steal a minute Lord,
Just at the sink or ironing board,
To ask the blessings of your grace,
I see them in my small one's face,

That you have blessed me all the while,
As I stop to kiss that precious smile.


Ramona Lisa said...

Despite the low pay and long hours, motherhood is the most rewarding job on earth. I have experienced more joy and satisfaction during the past 3 years than in all the rest. What a blessed calling!

Finally a Family of Four said...

I love the poem, it was something i needed to read on this stressful, snowy day.
Grant has the flu and things are very hectic here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

Loved the poem, and glad to hear of the good bloodwork results! (Get rid of your scale and then you won't have to know if you've gained weight!!) :)

Happy snow day!

Jennifer a blessed mother of 5 said...

Kate, thank you for blogging when you can. This poem really hit home today. I am a mother of 5, my hubby drives truck and is gone quite a bit. Sometimes I wonder am I doing a good job in God's eyes, ya know? When I read this I heard a quiet voice say "yes you are". Those far and few between silent times with the Lord are so precious, thanks again. Praying fervently for you and your family.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the encouragement and so glad to hear of your good test results. Have you ever been to Hearts At Home? Jill Savage is the founder of this organization and they have an annual conference at Illinois State University usually around Mid-March. It's a great encouragement and a great "girls weekend" I encourage all you mom's to attend.

Anonymous said...

God works in amazing ways...I really needed that poem today. I am a mom of 1 (it took 3 years to conceive him) and now we find ourselves struggling with infertility once again and that poem really drove home the blessing that I have in my precious son. So great to hear the good news on your bloodwork. We are still praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Slugs and snails and puppy dog tails...that's what boys are made of (or some such rhyme like that...not sure if I got the words right, my brain is somewhat vacuous after my work day). Yep, Kate, your boys to YOU and my boys to ME are blessings. Even w/ snotty noses wiped on sleeves instead of hankies or Kleenex, toilets that forget to be flushed, toilet lids that forget to be put DOWN, flatulance met with giggles instead of apologies, and THIS is just a taste of life with boys their first four years... I can only imagine what "joys" await as the years continue to roll on. Thanks for your poem...It's funny how you can be knee and elbow-deep in chores (laundry, dishes, dusting) and their faces are STILL in the forefront of your mind. It's TRUE! Sometimes I think their umbilical cords really don't get cut moments after childbirth. I think it's an invisible tie between mother and child that remains,...well...forEVER. Hmmm. Yep. Surgical scissors in Daddy's hand (or the OB's hand) may sever the cord in reality, but it's still there, spanning the distance between us and them. I just KNOW it. From one mom to another...thinking of you. Laura Joback