Friday, April 18, 2008

happy birthday dave!

Happy Birthday

I awoke this morning around the 4:30 hour to the bed shaking. I thought it was one of the boys who were shaking the bed. (They've never have done that before so not sure why I thunked it.) Anyhooo...I immediately palmed Dave and woke him up asking him "What is going on?" Not sure what had happened we went downstairs after the rumbling. I checked on the garage thinking it could have done something weird. Turned on the TV. Nothing. Looked outside the sliding door. Nothing. We assumed it was an earthquake. Dave stated lets go back to bed. Back to bed?! How could I sleep after knowing an earthquake most likely occured?

Later it was told that a 5.2 earthquake did occur in southern Illinois. We felt it. I am sure we weren't the only ones. How about you?

Happy Birthday to my rumblin' kind of guy.
Off to purchase some delightful treats for the evening.


Julie said...

It woke me up, too! First I thought it was the wind, but once I woke up enough to get my wits about me, my immediate thought was "it's an earthquake". I've been though one when I lived in Calif 15 years ago and this one wasn't as strong, but definitely "noticable". The kids all woke up and Katherine said "I'm shaking". Luckily, they all went back to sleep, but I was up! Definitely nerve-wracking, but glad there was no damage or injuries.

Julie Bauer

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Dave. Hope it is a nice, relaxing evening for you - yeah, right; that's not likely to happen with three lively boys. Hope all of you enjoy a special day and evening together. May God bless all of you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday,Dave!!!!!

The earthquake woke me up, too. I thought it was Alvin (our old dog) who does weird things at night. Then I realized he was sound asleep, so I promptly fell asleep! Thankfully, after not sleeping much for 2 weeks, my body says, "SLEEP!!"

Sue Stark :)

Ramona Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Safety Dave! Hope you had a great day, earthquake and all!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!

Hope the birthday was a happy one! (We felt the earthquake, too!)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Dave! (Though it's been said many times, it bears repeating)'s our earthquake story. I was in bed and awoke to what I thought was a dream---the bed shaking. I immediately thought that Mike was having a heart attack or a seizure and I sat up in bed w/ a start and touched him. He was still. I thought: OH, my LORD, he's DEAD! (From the heart attack or seizure) But sure enough, he was alive and patted my head, rolled over, and went back to sleep. So, I presumed I HAD been dreaming and went back to bed. I talked about it w/ Mike in the AM and we laughed about it. We didn't catch the news b/c the kids watched some Elmo, didn't listen to the radio in the car, didn't have a CLUE until around 11:30am when Mike called me from work, saying that his colleagues were all swapping stories about a quake that had occurred in the night. Well, a) no, it's not good that an earthquake occured b) I'm not crazy or having odd dreams c) my husband had neither a heart attack or a seizure. So there you have it. Finis. Laura Joback