Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sand in Suit & Trunks 08'

Carter's adventures
Cole looking for shells
Stuart looking onward
Yes, we just returned from our family vacation. Time away was good yet, I find myself "hitting the floor with my feet running" since we have returned. Lots to do on the homefront.

The beach was fantastic! Real Florida orange juice is truly liquid gold. We devoured a gallon and a half. The above pics are the fairly decent shots I was able to take one day. I would have taken a group picture if I had known the camera was going to be a problem. My camera unfortunately decided not to work later in the week. Bummer for the sunset pics.

This year my mom was able to join us. She needed a vacation. Not sure if it was a quiet one with all the boys. Ok- You and I know it wasn't quiet in the home. Yet, somehow the beach drowns out most noises with the waves and wind.

Carter had fun trying out the skim board. I have to say I would have busted my rear if I would attempt to skim. Dave tried it - fun to watch him. He couldn't skim as well as Carter and his excuse was the board was not long enough. Probably the case. Cole loved to boogy board. And little Stu just had fun "fishing" with the old reeds. The beach is one big sandbox. He also wanted to come back to "Stoo rts house" to ride his bike once we were into our 3rd day of 7. He just loves to ride his bike in our cul de sac. We recently put training wheels on the hand me down bike. He can't get enough bike time. He even rode today in the slow rain after nap time with me walking briskly beside him.

Not sure if I told you . . .I had some intermittent pain on the right side of my head prior to vacation and started back on some nerve pain meds (Lyrica). I think it was due to stress of grandpa's passing and packing for the family. Thankfully not much pain while away . I was able to enjoy Florida pain free! Just a little tired though (not complaining).
I will try to update some more on our trip as time permits. Be sure to look at this post in the near future for the updates.
Off to make dinner.
Just wanted to let you know where I have been.


Anonymous said...

What a blast, Kate! So glad you could get away for some R&R. Can't wait to hear what beach you went to. I was in Sarasota last weekend visiting a girlfriend, and I agree that fresh-squeezed citrus beats anything you can drink in the midwest.
shannon for the hatha's

OKGardners said...

So glad your family had a great trip. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Glad you are all back home safe and sound.

Betty in Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

Just what the God of the universe ordered, I'm so glad you had a wonderful time at the beach!!!

Love, Emily

Karen Morris said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed yourselves! It's so oftentimes a blessing to get away. I'm glad it was for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate!

Happy to see at least a few family pics. I kept thinking about you last week and hoping it was a good time!

:) Erika

Anonymous said...

A blessing to know you are back! Prayed for safety and rest and freedom from issues health-wise while your were gone! Thought of you guys a lot! LOVED the beach pics...the sunset picture you have of the boys in your living room is a treasure...even if your camera WAS working, it would have been hard to top. Hope you're a little sun-kissed, a teeny bit rested, closer as a family, but glad to be home. Glad Gram got some time in the sand, too...though I hope it didn't get in er, um,...places. Toodles! Laura Joback