Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On the Cancer Front...

I just realized this morning that I haven't given much information on the blog relating to my cancer lately. I guess that is good yet I do want to keep you informed.

For now I am going to lay it all out. Please know I am not complaining just listing details.

1. Labs drawn today for Thursday oncology appointment.

2. Doctors appointment is a follow up.

3. Start oral chemo (Temodar) Friday for 5 days on 23 off.

4. Rash on both sides of bellybutton due to chemo build up.

5. Some constipation. Early morning pain on lower left pelvic continues. OBgyn checked it out in February. No worries with ovaries. Must be from chemo induced constipation. Lovely.

6. Occasional forgetfulness due to surgery or chemo. Poor Dave has to do follow up.

7. Hair - What do I say? It's not how I would style it...yet this isn't about what I want. Is it? Ok. My hair is slowly thinning out - might be due to chemo or normal life stuff. It is also growing in slowly where the surgery took place in December. I have a good two inches that loves to stick up straight (spike) if not trained in the morning. Scary!

8. Physically & Emotionally- I am getting better since the trauma of post surgical complications (not much usage of left extremities) Ok NO usage of left extremities including the facial muscles. But, by God's grace I am somewhat back to normal. I was downtrodden for a while. Short story comprehension is difficult. I especially notice it with my Bible study. It is slowly getting better. Speech therapy aided in the comprehension. I currently see a counselor. I think everyone should see counselors. It is a broken sin filled world. I also think about not being here for my family in the years to come. The thought is short lived. Please pray that I do not dwell on the "what ifs".

9. Multi-tasking: is difficult but getting better. Cooking has been minimal. Many thanks to the meals still being provided occasionally. Driving skills have improved but, reversing out of a parking spot requires both sides of the brain. Difficult. Not impossible. I really have to focus. I also have noticed when multiple conversations are occuring while I am speaking to someone, I am overwhelmed. Thankfully Covenant Christian School's Field Day is not my respondsiblility this May. Allthough I did oversee the team shirt design and colors. That was fun and DO able. I missed organizing the event but, it was good for my health not to oversee the planning, games, volunteers, etc. Also good to let some things go. Laurie I am sure did a fantastic job. Can't wait for Friday, May 9. She is a blessing.

Thanks for caring...


Laurel said...

Thanks for updating, Kate. Continuing to pray!

Karen Morris said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date, so we can know how to best pray.


Amy said...


Thanks for the update! It helps me remember to not to take all those mundane things (like pulling out of a parking spot) for granted. Hope the improvements continue! I wholeheartedly agree that counseling is for everyone! Even for "normal" people! I've gained so much from counseling.

-Amy (I made the lemon linguini recipe that you wanted)

Anonymous said...

Still praying for you.

:-) Erika

Anonymous said...

Hey...know I just blogged on the beach entry, but what's a blog w/o me saying SOMEthing...it wouldn't be, well: ME! Kate: fiber, fiber, fiber! Grapes, Benefiber tables (berry ones are pretty tasty..needed them HUGELY w/ my pregnancy w/ Jr. Jr. ... had some well, um, er...colonic strike and slowage, Prunes, oh, and: Cracklin' Oat Bran! YUM! Hey, Isaac calls it "Crappin'" Oat Bran...I have a REALLY hard time correcting him b/c it makes me laugh (to myself, of course...wouldn't want to let him know that he was improper, but, hey...I just let the whole BLOG know...ooops)... As for the hair: what's a bad hair day here and there in the scheme of things? And if it IS, indeed, "trainable" and tame-able...then that's better than a hair revolt. AND spiky hair is better than no hair at all. Ask Mike. Did I tell you that when Elijah was really young that we ran into NH and her husband N (from our old gal's Bible Study)...and Elijah saw him and said, "Daddy" b/c N has about as much hair as Mike? It was pretty funny. Well at least I thought so. Mike probably didn't. Ah, well. Thinking of you again 3-5 minutes after I thought of you in the beach blog. Toodles! (...again...) Laura Joback

OKGardners said...

Oh, Kate, we DO care! Thanks for the update. Keep your chin up and we will continue to pray for your healing and restoration of health. You are an amazing woman to do what you have accomplished since your 2nd surgery. I am pleased to know you thru your blog.

Still praying for you daily.

Betty in Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

Kate...maybe it's time for some concentrated prayer team stuff soon during a specific day/week for these specific prayer requests? Feedback, anyone? I'm happy to organize another round?

Praying for you,

Anonymous said...

Kate, zeroing in on particular areas for prayer is a good thing, I think. I'm happy to pray for the specifics. : )

Mrs. I.