Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Mixed Review

Todays visit to Dr. Needles was somewhat hard to put into words. I am still trying to wrap my thoughts around it all. It wasn't a bad visit just confusing to me.

We discussed to a degree the results of yesterdays MRI. Dr. Needles wants to speak with Dr. Forget about the report. The wording of the scan report is not what Dr. Needles is comfortable with. It could be surgical healing scar tissue . Overall Dave said to me"not to worry about it as we know surgery is not an option".

I might take the time to write out the actual report later. For now, I am waiting on a call from either Forget or Needles as to where to go next. Another test?

If I could... I would write more. My typing is so slow. That is all I can come up with. I will need to write this down manually and look it over prior to coming to the computer to type. Gotta go and pick up the older boys at school. Carter could have a ball game tonight.

My WBC's count is a little low in but, not too concerning at this time.

I will continue with the 260mg of Temodar this Friday. Five days on 23 off.


Anonymous said...

Sending {{{HUGS)))to you. Praying for peace, comfort, and a better understanding of your MRI results,and acceptance for the next step in your cancer journey.
Take care.

Danielle C.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

Oh, the joy of waiting for a phone call. I will pray that answers will be swift and reassuring, and for great wisdom for Dr. Needles and Dr. Forget.


OKGardners said...

Kate and family,

I'll pray that all of you have peace and hope while awaiting the proper wording of your MRI report. God is STILL in control and He Love YOU!

Betty in Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

Kate...though the doctors are consulting with each other about what the scan "could be," the God who created you in Mama Sandy's womb...the one who cradles you in his cupped hands now KNOWS what the scan IS. He will see you through, whether it is scar tissue or not. Not easy to "rest" in the waiting...wil pray, as others have, for peace. Will also pray for clarity for the doctors to delineate a logical and agreeable "next step" diagnostically and theraputically. Loving your pictures, especially your resident tiger and scholarly type (Carter in his specs)... Sounds like it wasn't just a flu "bug..." more like a flu MONOLITH... Yuck. Loving you...Laura Joback