Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Update time

Before taking the time to update ya'll on the chemo increase the past five days I should not have read the previous comments. My mom aka: Soccer Gram posted a sweet remembrance comment on grandpa that I cried upon reading it. I have been sad since his passing. A normal emotion I know.

On to blog business:
Last night I completed my fifth night of chemo (Temodar). It was thought that I would do roughly 340 mg. of pills. I ended up taking 300 mg. for four nights and 180 last night due to lack of pills. If you remember we have the Temodar mail ordered. It did not come in time for the last days. I am grateful for the "easing into" the 350 mg. dosage. Since the increase dosage I noticed a good headache one night . 500 mg. of Tylenol helped. I also had mild constipation that was somewhat remedied. My first mouth sore arrived. I was given by Stuart's CBS children's leader a cancer specific mouthwash for patients taking chemo and radiation. I have yet to use it till now. With the mouth theme... After 4 hours or so I would wake with a cotton mouth/ dry mouth. I have also noticed acne on the side of my face not clearing up as quickly as it used to. I guess I need to be thankful that I am even getting acne. There has been some fatigue. It wasn't any more noticeable than previous times. I take naps daily so it was just in the evenings when I totally faltered in my energy. Unfortunately, Stuart is growing out of his naps. This has always been a hard stage for me with the older boys. Quiet time has always been enforced in our home. I just am so tired by the time I lay down my head that the enforcement is lacking. Ho hum. He did take a nap the past two days. A time of Halleliuah. (not sure I spelled that correctly)

One night during this cycle I didn't want to take the pills at 10:30 (the correct time for that night). I fell back asleep till midnight and awoken to the thought "I'd better go in and take the pills so I won't get sick due to the Zofran wearing off". I had to pray for courage at the bathroom sink to take the pills at midnight.

I told the above story to one of my friends at Cole's Monday night ball game. I received a postcard in the mail today. It brought me to tears. She was so sweet to send it to me. Her emphasis were in All caps. Thanks Melissa L. for the encouragement.

I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed,
but will have SUFFICIENT COURAGE so that now as always
Christ will be exalted in my body...
Phil 1:20


Anonymous said...

Hey, girl...see if you're getting acne, it still means that you're YOUNG! And THAT's a good thing! Constipation keeps you humble, headaches remind us that we are human,failing and housed in temporal bodies...ALL of which make us LONG for heaven! HalleluJAH! (Yeah, I think that one's hard to spell, too...why is the end of the word pronounced "yah" when it's spelled "jah" w/ a J? And on the same note, why is it Grand Prix pronounced Grand Pree but it is a Twix bar pronounced w/ an X and not pronounced like Twee? Stuff on which to ponder...but not too hard...don't want to tax your ailing brain). Thankful for good drugs like Tylenol and Zofran (have had that one b4 too). Thankful for good friends' encouraging postcards, good memories of fabulous lives lived, and the poignant words penned from the hand of faithful Gram... Praying for naps for Stu to give YOU the reprive you need. Know what? I think you're pretty great (I'll repeat myself from an earlier post) ...taking a medication that you have to literally stare- down -and- contemplate before placing it in your mouth...all for the sake of keeping a promise to a son who asked it of THERE'S a good example of a MOM on, ohmygoodness, the eve of the eve of the eve of Mother's Day. Hugs. Laura Joback

OKGardners said...

Still praying for you! You will be fine soon. Keep up the Pill Taking and Naps. Feel better soon.

Love and Prayers,
Betty in Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

And why Dr. Forget is pronounced four jay instead of forget?

Anonymous said...

You did the right thing....very difficult. I truly don't know what you are going through...just know that God is still on His throne in Heaven.

"God gives strength to you, Kate, who are weary, and increases your power, as you as weak." Is. 40:29 (Sue's paraphrase).

"Perfect love casts out fear."

Something every follower of Jesus is learning/striving for:

"I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well-fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through Jesus who gives me strength." Phil. 4:12,13

Love, Sue S. :)

Kim & Dave said...

Kate-we are praying...

Anonymous said...

When I read all these blogs, especially as we approach Mother's Day I rejoice in the knowledge that God is still blessing us with Godly mothers, just as he always has. I write as an older Mother. My job as a mom trying to bring up my children in God's wisdom is done. Successfully, with God's loving help. My "children" are now Godly parents of wonderful children. As I look around at our world these days it oftentimes seems that the world literally is
really "going to Hades in a hand basket." I am so encouraged to see and hear of you dear Christian moms (and dads) still doing your work quietly but consistantly, raising up Godly children. When I read of your innermost talks with God and of the goodness in your hearts I rejoice and often thank God for his ageless endurance in our lives as mothers. Happy Mother's Day, especially to you, Kate, and to all of you blogger moms.