Friday, May 30, 2008

Good, good, not good

MRI results - good
Blood work - good
Start chemo tonight at 350 mg. - not good

Well, that is basically it! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

GOD is GOOD all the time! I am praising Him for the GOOD and asking Him to help you with the not so good- Be strong in the Lord Kate as you trust in Him alone. Hope to see you Sunday afternoon (2-5) for the going away rootbeer float open house! whew! Love in Him, Jen and Bill

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dear Father, for the way you have shown Your works to us through Kate's MRI results. We rejoice in the goodness You have brought to us. We give thanks to You always, and ask that You make the medications that Kate needs to take during this period of time easier to bear and the side effects at a minimum. We ask this with grateful hearts. Amen

Matt and Amy said...

MRI :o)
Blood work :o)
Chemo :o(

But thankful that is the only :o(

Praises to God!

Anonymous said...

thinking of you and praying for you Kate. so glad the test results were good. love, Carol Voelkel

OKGardners said...

So glad your results were GOOD. You are a strong lady and can "do" the chemo. Hang in there, Kate!

Love & Prayers,
Betty in Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

Great news! What a way to start the summer!

Now, I will watch little Stu for you while you take the big boys to the racing cars.


Anonymous said...

Oh, YIPPIE SKIPPIE! Isaac and I checked in on your blog together after printing off a race car from clip art for him (my computer skills are expanding, even if it is only baby steps). Isaac says: "Guess who I am? It's a guess... His mommy's name is Laura Joback. You might want to think about who that is...but it's not Elijah, it's the OTHER boy! Bye!" OK: that was a toughie! Hope it doesn't tax your cranium! Hugs this weekend! L Jo (the rapper name my staff gave me at work...???)

Anonymous said...

How about "2 out of 3 ain't bad" (OK, if you didn't like the band Meatloaf growing up then this won't make sense!). I'm pretty brain-dead from traveling all day, but I wanted to say...we're still praying!!!

The Stark family :)

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear your test results were good. Now praying that this round of chemo goes ultra-smoothly for you. Blessings to you and yours! Mrs. I.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

Figuring you must be on day four of the chemo now (Monday); praying that the side effects are minimal!

I'll be in touch about VBS!

:-) Erika