Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Waiter & Chef on Mother's Day

This morning was a first as I was treated to breakfast in bed. I think the idea came about last Wednesday morning. The older boys wanted pancakes for breakfast and were told that I didn't have time. It was a busy morning due to getting ready for Bible study (CBS). Unbenounced to me, Carter ended up making the pancakes all his own while Cole prepared their school lunches. What a surprise blessing for that day! I highly encouraged this behavior and told them how much I loved what they did on their own. Marbles were earned for their Gotcha jar. Carter is a great chef. He is a great in the kitchen for being nine and and a half.

On to this morning... I had a tap on my shoulder with two boys handing to me papers. They were menus for the morning. I had some choices.

Carters Menu Choices
1. pancakes
2. eggs overeasy
3. scrambled eggs
4. egg sandwich / overeasy or scrambled
5. bacon

1. Ornge juce
Cole's Breakfast Menu with its own cover
1. Eggs & Pancaks
2. Egg sandwhich
3. Baken and Pancaks
4. Fruite corN Pancakes
5. bakon

ornge peach mago ( for orange peach mango juice)
ornge juice
It was so cute to see the menus. I had a handsome waiter (Cole) in his robe with his specialty tablet. He was told that he is the cutest waiter I have ever had. One side of the tablet read "Hi Mom" for me to view. He took my breakfast choices. I said pancakes he said plain or chocolate chip. I was surprised by the chocolate chip option for it wasn't on any menu. "Well, chocolate chip then - just a few." He did great in serving me my orange juice in our new ice cream sundae glasses from grandpa's house. He said Opps I made a mistake. It was pretty. Though hard to drink out of in my bed. He was the one who was given the opportunity to display the food on the plate since Carter was the chef. The presentation was magnificent. I think you'll agree.

ON a side note...

Last night Dave and I were discussing what our needs were for a SAM's run later this week. I mentioned Bisquick. His ears perked up and said "We are out of Bisquick?" Yes was my response. He later stated he needed to make a Schnucks run (grocery store). I asked why and figured it out. He and I both agreed to be pleasantly surprised. I am so glad I knew for I was awake earlier than they were this morning and would have gone downstairs to the kitchen for my eats.

Dave told me today that they planned the whole thing from menus to food. He had nothing to do with it except...accept it. He said This is Happy Mother's Day not Happy Wives Day.

Carter wondered when there will be happy kids day. I laughed. That's all the time in our home. Cole when being affirmed was just beaming. Stuart thought it was either my birthday or Dave's. He wanted to eat my strawberries in my bed with me.

I couldn't ask for a better day... breakfast in bed then sweet handwritten love notes. I also loved the salmon colored geraniums to plant under our mailbox later. Todays weather has been quite wintery. YUCK! We even had to get out our winter coats for church - No thank you.

I didn't have much time Friday to post about CCS Field Day. The event was a thrill for both boys. The shirts turned out wonderfully. Stuart even had fun in the childcare department while I served. He was estactic to receive a cupcake. Yes, the joys of a three year old. Enjoy the following pics.


OKGardners said...

What a SWEET group of boys you have. What a great idea for breakfast in bed. Tell them that this Grandma is sure impressed with all their planning, meal preparation AND meal presentation. What a cute plate of food! I just cannot get over what they did for you. These guys will make great husbands someday. But now YOU get the benefit of their loving help.

I'm still praying for you daily.

Love & Prayers,
Betty in Oklahoma

Finally a Family of Four said...

This post was very moving for me! I think your boys are incredibly sweet and thoughtful. I am glad that you had such a nice Mothers Day.

OKGardners said...

I forgot to mention -- Your sons are very handsome young men. I know you and your husband must be very proud of them. Kate, you are looking good, too.

Betty in Oklahoma

Danielle in MO said...

what a great post!!!! the picture of you and the boys is precious!!!

Anonymous said...

What are the Snodgrass Cafe hours again? That is definately a place that I would frequent. I think you should become a regular on Sundays.
Talk to you soon!
Love, Gina S.

Sheryl said...

What sweet boys! You certainly deserve it. Thanks for sharing your special day with all of us.

Anonymous said...

Kate -
What a wonderful Mother's Day morning! I can only hope when Alex & Nathaniel grow older that they will pamper me in the same way. You guys have such great sons & role models for other little boys. You must be really proud. I'm so happy to hear you had a great Mother's Day!
neighbor Dawn

Ramona Lisa said...

What a special and memorable Mother's Day. Your boys are so precious. Thanks for sharing the details. I especially loved seeing the menus and the meal presentation. Give them all a hug for me!

P.S. We're ready to come over for sundaes!

Anonymous said...

This has GOT to be one of my favorite posts of them ALL (and you guys KNOW there's a lot of them to choose from...). Kate: I ADORED the menus and the cute are THEY? The presentation of the food on the plate was FAB-ulous--do they have side jobs in some cafe or restaurant that you don't know about? AND P.S.: Tonya has those same plates, just FYI. Tee hee hee. OK...back to Mother's Day... Glad you were pampered (you deserve it), glad every day at the Snodgrass Household is Happy Kids' Day (I believe THAT is true), and glad that you have such a good gaggle of guys to dote over you hand and foot on your special day... They will remember THIS Mother's Day for years to come, and probably plan days like it for their own wives THERE'S something on which to ponder, HUH? Lovin' ya! Hugs! Laura Joback

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

Glad to finally have a moment to post on your blog and let you know that I am still thinking about you and praying for you. The pictures of the boys are adorable (love the muscle pic of Cole!), and I have to say you looked radiant at church on Sunday.

Love ya.

Kim & Dave said...


Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate! I just finished catching up with you after being gone on vacation. What a wonderful Mother's Day you had! Thanks for sharing all the pics and the story with us. You and Dave are certainly raising thoughtful, caring, and creative young men! Good job! :->

Just wanted to say Hi! and tell you we're still praying for you. Hope you are out enjoying this day -- we FINALLY have good weather!

Stacey Preis

Barb Adams said...

Hi - what a great Mother's Day story. I had my best mother's day ever, too, and also blogged about it. These blogs are really fun.

Best wishes from Webster Groves!