Sunday, May 04, 2008

Happy Twelve

Happy 12 Years


The Big Booger said...

Hi Kate & Dave,
Just discovered your blog today. I just started my blog a couple days ago, enjoying it so far. My husband was diagnosed with a possible oligodendroglioma on 9-24-07, but he has opted to "watch & wait" at this time. It has caused no pain so far, just 1 seizure. If you want to read about it go to:
Just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed reading through your last couple of years, your humor, and your love for Christ, family, and others. I will add you to my prayer list and I will be checking your updates as well. Have a great night---Tracy(Bellingham, WA)

OKGardners said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Kate and Dave! You are both blessed that God brought you together and further blessed you with 3 sons.

I hope you have a wonderful day and evening as you celebrate your God-blessed marriage.

I'm still praying for you!

Love & Prayers,
Betty in Oklahoma

Soccer Gram said...

Time for Soccer gram to check in for a short report.
Life is forever changing. On April 11th my 88 year old father passed away. I simply cannot get out of my mind the little song my sister Mary Jo sang while my son Calvin played the guitar. "The little brown church in the Vale." Usually found in the old Methodist hymnals.
I already miss my dad and the funny little things he did day by day.
Dad always prepared for meals on wheels by sitting his place at the table with his US Presidents place mat. On the mat was his grape jelly jar, ketsup and a pair of scissors, (for cutting the package of one slice of bread) Each day at 10 am he would carefully set the table. That jar of jelly has not moved out of the frig since he went into the hospital. Funny how the simplest earthly things remind us of those we love.
His house is quiet. And each day a few more boxes get packed. There is no one to tell me to check the computer for the St. Louis Bilikins score or any other number of scores he liked to keep up with.
I know that God's timing is perfect and he knows when to pick us up to move us on.
I'm not much of a grape jelly eater. So the jar just remains as a fixture every time I open the frig. Some things are just hard to part with when you know they were important.
Gram checking in

Anonymous said...

Hi Soccer Gram:
Thank you for the update. I was wondering how you were doing. You are in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. We are so sorry to hear about your dad. He sounds like he is a great man, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. He will be missed. It is the simple things in life, like grape jelly that make life a little better! Take care and God Bless!
Danielle from Indiana