Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2nd day of school & Dennis the Menace

First day of school 2007
Carter 3rd & Cole 2nd grade

Yesterday was the first day of school and everything went very well. Cole's "high" from the classroom was recess and his teacher giving out chocolate from Germany. Carter's was high on everything. Not drugs, though. I had to make that one clear for the previous sentence could be taken really out of context! He kept saying that his teacher, Mrs. Lee is "sweet, really sweet". He continued on to say "she is a good teacher for me". Both comments from each boy brought much delight to my heart.

On to today . . . Dennis the menance resides in the home as of this morning. Today was chapel for all parents and grandparents to attend at 8:30 this morning. Everything was flowing pretty fine until Stuart started to eat his pancakes. I was cooking more pancakes with my back turned to the table. The boys just used their pure maple syrup and it was still on the table. In no time at all Stuart aka: Dennis the menace poured the rest of the bottle onto his two pancakes thoroughly soaking them. He then said "I poured the syrup, Mommy." I whipped my head around to confirm he did just that. So thankful the bottle was only half full. Syrup was all over his hands, arms and legs. After transfering the dripping pancakes to a clean plate he gladly ate up the sugared ones. Yuck to me but a delight to him as he usually doesn't get syrup on his pancakes.

Keep in mind it was 7:49 am and I needed to leave the house by 8:15 for chapel. Time for a speedy bath. Stuart was cleaned off in seconds flat with no time to spare and changed into his clothes for the day. He decided he wanted to stay in the bathroom to watch the fish. I approved. Later to find out that was a mistake. I ran to blow dry my hair. I started to wonder why Stuart wasn't at my legs. He is going through a big "Be around mommy at all times stage". I turned off the blow dryer and called for him asking him where he was. I hear a voice. "I feeding the fish, Mommy." I bolt to the bathroom to find the tank FULL of floating fish food. Aghhhhhhh! He had climbed up to reach the food with the stool. I did my best to scoop out the floating food. Prayed that the fish wouldn't die till I returned home to clean out the tank. Out the door I was at 8:16 am. with makeup on. Whew!

Upon returning home the two older fish Ron Jon and his wife (not sure of the name) were swimming low in the tank. Not usual for them. Stuart willingly "helped" me clean out the tank. At the end while in the tub, he joyfully ran the water with all his clothes on. I had already filled the tank and at this point didn't care. I can changed his clothes. He was having a grand ole time.

At this moment "Dennis" is charging up his batteries. I have never seen him be more curious. Ron Jon is not coping well in the newly cleaned tank. Life on the second day of school has been eventful. Hopefully it won't end with a fish loss.

Me and my buddies want to go to school, too!


Ramona Lisa said...

It's the full moon. Liliana was "Denise" the Menace today. It's a wonder we all made it home from the pool in one piece! Great seeing my pool/lake friends again. I missed you guys after four whole days apart! XO Ramona

Scoccer Gram said...

Surely you could not be talking about my sweet little Stu boy! I too have witnessed his antics. Remember when he threw the plastic feed top of my boasch blender in the waste basket. I was too busy that day to see why he kept staring down at the waste basket. Alas extra parts to boasch mixers are not cheap thanks to Stuart man.
Gotta love that kid, he is just putting excitment into the dog days of summer!
Isn't it time for scoccer boys?
Gram waiting for cool fall breezes.

Anonymous said...

Its a good thing he is cute!! Love,Em

Laura Joback said...

Yeah, we went through the whole fish tank thing as kids and had more funerals and moments of silence beside a freshly-dug grave or the commode than I could count! I actually had one guppy (the Judy of Punch&Judy) that survived a bowl breaking and imbedding a shard of glass in her side--she lived with that thing sticking out of her for the rest of her bubbly days! Unbelievable! Tonya and I sat up for a whole night one time when our swordfish gave birth and sucked up the babies as they were expelled with mom's turkey baster b/c the other fish in the tank always tried to eat the newly born young. Mom was NOT too happy to find out our use for her kitchen tool. She was grossed out. Don't know why! Dawn and a dishwasher can do wonders! We also had an everlasting gourami that lived like 4 years beyond the demise of all of his other tank pals. We kept saying we would get rid of the tank when she died, but she never did! We ended up giving her away to a friend w/ a tank so she could have buddies and we could say "bye" to our fish days. I did have 2 bubble-eyed goldfish in college (animal lover must have animals at all times even when they're not "allowed" in the dorms--did have a cat at one time that was "under the radar" [i.e.: illegal])...any-hoo...two goldfish that exploded when a well-meaning boyfriend (did NOT continue to date HIM) fed them pepperoni from Pizza Hut. I think TetraMin fish food doesn't have spices or something, b/c the pepperoni was "Good? No...not so much" for the poor goldfish's GI tract. Sad days. I'll be thinking of Ron Jon and Unnamed Female One (UFO?) that they will survive the overfeeding incident! Got a lot of laughs from this one, Kate! Laura

Anonymous said...

We had a Betta fish that I renamed Carrie (after the freaky car movie) because we could not kill the thing - and man did we unintentionally try. That said, after surviving not being fed for 10 days, being put in 100 degree water, changing the water only when we couldn't see the fish anymore, flipping out of the bowl and landing on the floor (I thought she was dead when I walked in),... what finally "done her in" after her 2 year reign at our house was overfeeding. Now we were so bad about feeding her that she was a lean, mean fighting machine that could survive on very little, however it wasn't that the quantity gave her a stomachache, rather that the quantity, an entire newly opened jar of Betta food, when dumped into the tiny bowl Betta's live in, pinned her to the bottom of the bowl and she drowned! It was hard to believe! Amelia Schultz