Thursday, August 16, 2007

Joe & the Country Club

Last night I had wanted to post a blog on Joe and his birthday. Unfortunately I was lacking a nap two days in a row and was exhausted as the evening hours approached. I went to bed by 8:45 last night.

Joe called yesterday to say thanks for the cards. I had sent him a goofy card with a dog on the front. The card read something like this; Happy Birthday to one big POOP! You then open the card and it states; Person Of Outstanding Pedigree! I about fell on the floor with laughter when I opened the card. Carter approved of this one as well for he was shopping with me. I was unsure about sending it but I figure Joe has seen enough in his days and I sure he would chuckle. He did come to find out.

His birthday was a weekend long event. Some of his many children came down to see him on Saturday while his daughter and grandson spent time with him on Sunday. Kay his neice treated him to a steak dinner on his actual birthday. I say he had it made.

So glad he enjoyed the cards. From the looks of my email he should total around 10 cards. Thanks to the many of you that participated. He even read to me some of your comments. Touching!

As for me I am having some little pain in the head and eye. Not enough for tylenol just yet. I am hoping it is due to not enough rest. My next MRI is Tuesday, September 11. Yes, not a great day for our country. I think it's a good day for people to remember to pray not just for the many people who lost loved ones on that terrible day but also for my MRI to be clear. I will have the results Thursday the 13th. Please pray I don't have a major breakdown prior to seeing Dr. Needles. I have been emotionally ok the past few months. The only sad time I have had lately happened on Monday. I was thinking about my funeral due to a radio show remembering a fun friend that was in this persons life. The radio announcer stated "Everyone should have a ____________ in their life." I couldn't help but ponder my own funeral. Sad but true. I called Dave as he was out of town and my mom. So glad to have them. God is good to me.
Thanks for your continued prayers not just for me but the whole family. We are really enjoying the last days of freedom prior to school starting on Tuesday, August 28. Carter and Cole have made our backyard into a driving range / golf course. I found them the other day with a trowel digging a hole for their golf balls. Not to alarm the neighbors - we use practice balls that look like swiss cheese. Thankfully they don't smell like it. My yard for that matter might look like swiss cheese. Not! Dave stopped the digging. I guess you could say they made up their own Snodgrass Country Club.

I have also found literally 15 paper airplanes throughout the home while cleaning up today. Each boy has a Klutz brand book that tells how to make some awesome planes. It even comes with designed paper. I burnt dinner last night due to being engrossed in making the "headhunter" plane for Cole. You see I just can't multi-task anymore.

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