Friday, August 31, 2007

Fishy Tales from within

Ron Jon is officially - ALIVE! He has surived the overfeeding catastrophe. In fact a new baby fish suddenly appeared the next day but has yet to surface again. I think it has been gobbled up by the adults. I waited to feed the fish for a day due to over blown bellies. I guess the overfeeding brought about the labor pains in the lady fish. All is well in the aquarium.

Stuart still has a great fascination with much adult monitoring to boot. Dave and both agree that he really changed this past week. We will need to stay alert. He is hitting a severe curiosity stage. Which is great with adult eyes watching.

Soccer is starting up in great strides. Carter and Cole respected Kirk teams were put in the "A" bracket. Which makes for lots of excitement as the catholic teams are quite excellent. Cole's coach seems to think that his team was put in the wrong bracket. It was the other Kirk team that earned the "A" bracket last year. There was only one big team last year. Cole's team is a whole new team consisting of homeschoolers and Covenant kids. I do hope they can bump them down a bracket. I think Cole would enjoy a few more wins then losses. This team is the first time we have played with them. The last few years we have played for Twin Oaks.

With soccer starting it is reminding me of last fall. A year can fly by so quickly. So grateful for my current health. God is merciful.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the fish stories. Elizabeth has had fish for almost 3 years now and we were recently surprised by our first baby fish! There were 3 as of 2 weeks ago, but now we only see one. One we found dead and probably the other was eaten. They hide well though; sometimes a day would go by without seeing the surviving baby. Maybe there's still hope for your baby.
It was good to see you and your boys back at school. Elizabeth likes Mrs. Lee too.

Nancy V.