Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Indiana visit

I think I can knock it down
Aiming carefully for the target
Enjoying God's creation

The Snodgrass men

Cole showin' his moves off the high dive!

Indiana girl cousins are great!
Wild man Carter off the high dive!

All smiles on the bed - Love the toes Stu!

You can tell who the extroverts are in the family

From slip n slide, driving the farm gator, feeding the horses, holding Charlie cat, lack of sleep due to excitement, diving off the high dive and eating . . . we had a good long weekend of visiting Dave's family in northern Indiana. The boys enjoyed time with their cousins, Lexi and Jaelyn. I am sure we wore out Grammy and Pop Pop Snodgrass. Life is much different with three young boys hanging around. Stuart especially enjoyed the horses. He would take any chance he could get to run to the barn and feed Aramis and Joey the "geen" hay (aka: green hay). The horses didn't mind one bit. (No pun intended.) While in their stalls they would careen their necks to see which one Stuart would choose to feed. Shhhh, don't tell Grammy.

While visiting Dave's mom on Saturday we swam at the public pool. Everyone loved jumping off the diving board. Yes, even Stuart did some jumps with his lifejacket on. Only the older two jumped off the high dive. Mema had us over for dinner that night. Thank you Mema. It was good to see you. The kids enjoyed wiffle ball in the backyard against the adults. Go figure - the adults lost.

The only dilemma for the weekend was Stuart's left eye. His eyeball itself is fine but the outer part has been rubbed raw. It didn't help to have him touching Charlie cat along with everything else a toddler touches while being in the country. Dave and I were constantly washing his hands. I called on Saturday to make an appointment for Monday at 9 am. Dr. McKinney surmised that it's most likely is an allergy of some kind. Stuart started having symptoms prior to leaving on Thursday morning and it escalated while being away. Benadryl, eye drops and hydrocortisone made some difference though. So off to see the pediatrician early in the morning . . .

Hoped you enjoyed the Indiana visit pics!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

Loved the Indianna pics, especially the diving board shots! Good luck with Stuart's eye!


Soccer Gram said...

Soccer Gram likes those pool jumping pictures. Oh to be a kid again doing what I did again!
Nothing quite like summer to use up all that bottled energy that kids have in storage.
Greatgrandpa has had a very challenging weekend. We see the doctor today. Hope to get him back on track.
Stay cool everyone.

Ramona Lisa said...

Now that's a real Hoosier experience! So glad you enjoyed yourselves and had safe travels. That flat farm land can bore a driver to sleep!

Welcome home. Hope to see you today.

Love from a fellow Indiana girl

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate! How is Stu's eye doing? I'm sorry we weren't able to get together while you all were here in the Hoosier state. It looks like it was a fun time had by all, including Grammy and Pop Pop!!!!

Although it was a good thing we didn't get together, Arwen ended up having multiple seizures Friday. It is so hard to watch your child suffer so- she has been through so much in her short life (she just turned 5 July 8th).The weather here has been humid and hot (major seizure triggers for her) She is getting excited for school to start- she is officially a kindergartner!!!! We go again today to meet her teacher and get her adapted to her new classroom. Take care and hopefully we can catch up with each other- did you get my email before you left for Indiana? I didn't know if I had answered your questions.

Laura Joback said...

Hey, girl! Glad to catch up w/ you the other day. Have my nieces w/ me today and am pulling double duty, but wanted to take a moment to say 'hi,' and to tell ya that I'm thinkin' 'bout cha! Guess my grammar is slipping with the extra strain. Better get back in gear! Soccer Gram, I'll bet you'd do FINE jumpin' (see, there I go again w/ the poor grammar) off of the high dive--ACTING like a kid even if you're NOT one (though you're pretty close...well, kinda' close) does a body good! Hello to all! Laura

Oldqueen44 said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Great pictures.