Friday, May 04, 2007

11 Years Ago

Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.
1 John 3:18

On this day eleven years ago there was a thunderstorm with lightning and the electricity was going out sporactically. While preparing at home to marry my husband I was wondering if the church will have electricity for me to do my hair? Upon arrival they did. Yippee! Thankful we didn't plan the outside wedding like I had desired. Would that have been fun? At 1 pm in the afternoon Dave and I exchanged vows to one another. What a wonderful day it was. The rain stopped prior to pictures being taken outside.

Today we plan to celebrate by having lunch together.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS and God's blessings on you for many, many more years.

The Endraskes

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Dave & Kate!

Love, Patty,Jimmy, Hannah & Holleigh

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! May you celebrate MANY more anniversaries! I recognize the window - Dennis & I were the 2nd wedding in there in February 1993. We attended the 1st wedding because we hadn't been to many Protestant weddings - but I couldn't even tell you who the bride and groom were!

Nancy V.

Gram said...

May 4th 1996. I remember it well. I was sure that we would have a terrible storm. On my way to the hair solon the sky turned black and the tornado sierns in Washington kept going off. Then there was the Pepto Bismo bridemaids dresses. And all the weeks of making special tea breads for the reception was over.
That night I went up to your room in the farm house and just sit and pondered how the years past so fast. I was so accustomed to hearing your footsteps on the old creeking stairs when you would come home at night. I remember thinking I wouldn't be hearing that anymore.
Some events in life are marked as definite change points in life.
Congratulations on 11 years of marriage for Dave and Kate. And may there be many many more ahead.
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!
God's providence in providing and sustaining us in our marriages is amazing - a real testimony of His love and care for us!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Kate. You don't look one day older than you were in that picture even though it's 11 years and 3 kids later. Must be a sign of a good marriage!

I miss seeing you on Tuesday mornings. I think about you often and continue to say prayers for you.


Anonymous said...

Man that Gram, she gets me crying everytime! Ya'll look so cute! Happy Happy Anniversary!

Love , G & E

Laura Joback said...

Ah, yes! The Pepto Bismol dresses, of which I was a humble, and not too happy, wearer. Frankly, I'd do anything for you, Kate...even wear that color again (and THAT says a lot about how I feel about you!) Bless ya! You DO look as young now as you did then in the photo you put on the blog! Could you BE grinning any wider? Love ya! The Jobacks

Ramona Lisa said...

Happy 11th Anniversary, friends! Hope you enjoyed your celebratory lunch together.

Let's get together soon! Ramona

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! God has truly blessed your marriage!

Praying for many more years together,

Sue Stark :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Kate & Dave!
May 4th is such a wonderful day to have been married! (wink, wink)
Kate, I am amazed at how much you haven't changed in that wedding photo - you haven't aged a bit! I hope you enjoyed your weekend.
We continue to pray for you.
Dawn Kim

Aimee Kuzemka said...

Congrats to you both, I remember the day well, you were both smiling from ear to ear.
Your mom's comments about her night returning to your empty bedroom made me cry. Oh, a mother's thoughts.
Blessings to you both.
Aimee Wiggers Kuzemka