Saturday, May 26, 2007

School is Out!

Rattlesnake Cole at the "Going West" 1st grade play.

Carter at his poetry reading on Wednesday.

Whoooopppeeeeee! School is officially out for the summer. The older boys made full usage of their half day of summer freedom yesterday. While it was a drizzly day out they went to the unfinished part of the basement with dry erase markers to design some great artwork for me to see this morning. They also played a Narnia stratego board game. Each boy received a marble to put in the "Gotcha Jar". Once the gotcha jar is full they will be rewarded with a fun day somewhere. I am not sure if I have ever explained the gotcha jar but the philosophy is that if someone catches you being kind or doing a good deed then you earn a marble. The whole family is involved in reaching the full jar goal.
This week was a full one. Tuesday was the farewell party for Madee. Wednesday was the second grade poetry reading. Carter did a great job. I loved his first poem about a kid having every sickness in the world due to not wanting to go to school then comes to realize it is Saturday and decides to go out and play. On Thursday morning was the first grade play of "Going West". Cole was a rattlesnake that bit an Indian girl. It was to show the settlers could "be friends" with the Indians by giving them medicine for the snake bite. So cute!
Dave is taking Carter and Cole out this morning to a bookstore then out to lunch to celebrate summer and to have some daddy time. Stuart and I need to get our act together and take a walk before it rains again. Still in our pj's though.

Looking forward to summer fun!

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