Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Benefits from Houston

Dave & I knew that our trip to MD Anderson in early December was beneficial in many regards. Lately the quarterly newsletter they send has proven to us that the consultation has been even more of a blessing. In the lastest publication they wrote about cancer and the effects it can have on the eyes and ears due to the conventional treatments. A colon cancer patient was highlighted in this particluar article. Chemo and radiation were just a few of the agents they mentioned. I have continued to pay closer attention to my eyes lately and have noticed that I cannot go outside without some sort of eye protection. Sunglasses along with a hat have been a much needed relief. Early in the morning I now put artificial tears in my eyes to help with the dryness. Dave and I both agreed that I need to see an opthamologist that specializes in oncology by next month. A baseline would be good to have. The article mentioned cataracts as a very common problem among cancer patients. Dr. Simpson the Siteman radiologist oncologist stated that I could very well have cataracts in the future but that is easily correctable. I will need to take in active role in my vision from here on out. Of course what role haven't Dave and I taken with my health? Just another bump in the cancer journey.

Tonight I am going to bed right after posting this blog due to eye fatigue. Both older boys have awaken me two different nights around midnight in a row. Cole was cold and needed a blanket Carter has a cold and wanted some medicine to stop the drainage. So to say the least it is the Mommy that they wake in the night. Not Dad. Dad is such a sound sleeper he doesn't hear a thing during the night.


Please pray that there is an opthamologist that specializes in cancer patients treating in St. Louis. I think we know one personally.

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Anonymous said...

Bill Harbour! Although, I know he deals with tumors actually in the eye, I'm sure he can help you out. You probably already thought of him. Hope you guys are doing well - love the photos!
Jenn Fromke